Good chance Tuesday will be all bad for NBA

October 4, 2011, 12:05 am
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I realize this post will be met with a fair share of I dont cares, but its tough to see any good coming from Tuesdays meeting between the NBA owners and players.

Seems almost certain the sides wont be able to come to any kind of agreement. Forget about the actual chasm between the sides for a minute, it just seems like there are too many other factors at play.

Like Does anyone else feel like a lot of NBA players just now realized they were getting blown out by the owners? It seems apparent and somewhat understandable that the players have become more interested in the details of the deal now that games are in jeopardy.

And they really dont like what theyre finding out that the owners want it all, or darn near close to it all.

Secondly, the fact that six prominent agents implored their clients in an e-mail not to ratify a contract that doesnt meet certain criteria almost none of which seem likely to be met is a real bad sign.

Plus, dont forget there is still no tangible urgency for the owners to begin to get conciliatory. Sure, the regular season might be delayed or some games might have to be scrapped, but push doesnt really come to shove until were talking about losing a whole season.

And Im convinced there are still enough owners out there who are willing to do that. Maybe they wont be willing to do it down the line some, but right now I think they are.

Thats why I see Tuesday being all bad for the NBA. Lets hope Im wrong.