If no agreement Monday, Warriors will lose 8 games

October 10, 2011, 3:53 pm
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The NBA owners and players union will reconvene talksMonday, but the odds of a deal coming together are long.NBA commissioner David Stern said last week that if anagreement was not struck by the end of Monday, he would cancel the first twoweeks of the regular season. The sides met Sunday in New York for upwards offive hours.However, union leader Derek Fisher reported little to noprogress, and as far as anyone knows there is still a difference on the mostimportant issue: Basketball related income.
The players have indicated they are willing to come downfour percentage points -- from 57 percent to 53 percent -- in terms of their takeof that pie. The owners seem to be unwilling to go higher than a 50-50split.Under the old collective bargaining agreement, players wereguaranteed 57 percent of BRI, essentially all the revenue created by the NBA. If Stern does, in fact, cancel the first two weeks of theseason the Warriors would lose eight games, including the season-opener atOracle Arena against the Los Angeles Lakers and a game on Nov. 14, against thedefending-champion Dallas Mavericks.Here are the games that would be canceled if the first two weeksof the season are done away with:Nov. 2: vs. Los Angeles LakersNov. 4: vs. Sacramento KingsNov. 5: at Denver NuggetsNov. 7: vs. San Antonio SpursNov. 9: vs. Detroit PistonsNov. 11: at New Orleans HornetsNov. 12: at Houston RocketsNov. 14: at Dallas Mavericks

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