Jackson addresses lack of late production from Lee, Curry

February 17, 2012, 12:30 am
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OAKLAND Coming off a tough 93-91 loss to Portland thenight before, Warriors coach Mark Jackson and his staff put the team through abrief practice on Thursday the first part spent working with perimeter players and the secondpart with the bigs.Afterward, Jackson addressed the issue of neither David Leenor Stephen Curry being much of a factor down the stretch of that game, and,quite frankly, not being much of a factor down the stretch all season.
On whether hed like to see Lee and Curry be more apart of the offense during crunch time, get more shots: Id like to see my home-run hitters aggressive, Jackson said. Id like tosee us make unselfish plays and read the defense. One thing about those guys isthey do a nice job of not forcing the issue. Some people would probably like tosee them force the issue. Id like to see them make plays and I think theyredoing a good job of just that.RELATED: Again, Curry, Lee don't do much down stretch
On Nate Robinson taking nine shots in the fourthquarter, and seemingly being involved in every play late in the game, andwhether hed like to see more shot distribution:He played great and made plays and put us in position towin, Jackson said. Id like to see us not allow them to have secondopportunities on the offensive boards.Id like to see us not turn the basketball over.I think its overblown how many shots Nate Robinson had orhow few shots David or Steph had. That has nothing to do with winning. If weclose out defensive possessions and we dont allow them a second opportunityat the other end, the games over.Nate played exceptionally well, and did not take a badshot. I thought it was a good job by those guys understanding how we werehurting them offensively. And, at the end of the day, defensively we did anexceptional job of forcing them into tough ones.On Monta Ellis and Robinson taking most of theteams big shots this season, and whether Lee and Curry havent been aggressiveenough or Ellis and Robinson havent given up the ball.Ultimately, there have been times where Steph wasnt on thefloor due to injury, Jackson said. Where Monta, the ball was in his hands,and it was either make a play or shoot the basketball.Weve certainly gone to David at times down the stretch. We havent designated anybodyclosing out the ballgame. A minute left and weve designed plays and basically gotlooks out of it. But it hasnt been Its your shot, its your play.Thats just the way its boiled down. Ultimately weregoing to continue to get better and Im sure those guys will take and maketheir share of big shots.