Jackson: Monta clearly waited too long

January 11, 2012, 10:40 pm
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OAKLAND Warriors guard Monta Ellis had a chance to winTuesday nights game against the Miami Heat in regulation with the score tied96-96. He ended up dribbling out most of the game clock.He then made a move and pulled up for a jumper. But LeBron Jamescame over to help and all Ellis could do was throw a pass to Dorell Wright.Only the buzzer sounded before Wright could get a shot off. In the previousgame, with the Warriors down one late in regulation, Ellis missed a floater asthe buzzer sounded.RELATED: Did Ellis wait too long again? He says 'No'
After Tuesdays game against Miami, Ellis said he didnt needto shoot the ball or try to shoot the ball sooner. After Wednesdays practice, I talked to Warriors head coachMark Jackson about it.Question: Did Monta wait too longagain?Jackson: The buzzer went off so clearlyhe waited too long. I think the problem was LeBron did a very good job ofdefending Dorell in the corner and also keeping Monta off-balance. But Montaknows it. In that situation, youve got to get a shot up.REWIND: Monta Ellis waits too long -- again
Question: Talk about the differentsituations, being down one against Utah and Saturday and being tied onTuesday.Jackson: Well, its a huge difference.Last night we were satisfied with Monta shooting the ball at the buzzer. He didnot shoot it at the buzzer but we would have been satisfied with that. That wasthe objective coming out of the timeout.The other night, being down, we want to give ourselves achance to get a second shot. Or even if we dont, (have enough time to) foulthem. If you think about it, the other night, as the buzzer goes off, David (Lee)then tips the ball in. So if we had that extra half-second or second, we winthe ballgame.Question: So if I ask Monta Dontyou have to go sooner than that? And he says No, is that just him notwanting to give in?Jackson: He clearly knows hes got to gosooner. The buzzer went off. That cant be argued. See what Imsaying?Question: Does Monta know that?Jackson: To me, thats just basicbasketball. If he doesnt theres no way we can win in regulation, so itscommon sense.Question: But if hes set on taking thelast shot, and he cant squeeze one off, youre not going to get one if he hasto make a pass.Jackson: Right. And he knows that. Mynine-year-old knows that. He knows it.

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