Jackson: 'Our strengths are depth, versatility'

August 21, 2012, 8:40 pm
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I recently caught up with Warriors coach Mark Jackson and asked himabout the teams offseason and what to expect from the upcoming season.
Question: How are you feeling about the upcomingseason?
Jackson: Im very excited. I thought our ownershipgroup and Bob Myers did an outstanding job. The whole front office did anoutstanding job making us better. The moves theyve made have put us in aposition of feeling good going into the year. Obviously, the key is going to bethe health of Stephen Curry and Andrew Bogut. But I watched Stephen Curry thispast week and thats even more reason to feel optimistic about this season.REWIND: Bogut says he may miss preseason games
Question: What kind of style do you anticipateplaying?Jackson: We have a lot of versatility, with different weapons anddifferent players we can use. Well have a lot of different ways to play,depending who is on the floor. Our bigs are skilled scorers and passers, canscore some with their backs to the basket and are good screen-setters. And ourguards are knock-down shooters. I think well be able to play some uptempo,some halfcourt, inside and out. I think the strength of this team isversatility and our ability to play more than one way.Question: Other than versatility, what do you thinkis the strength is of this team?Jackson: Our depth. We havent had this type ofdepth on our roster before. Lets face it, at times last year if you took a guyout of the game, you sometimes didnt know what youd get. It was a fight justto stay in the game. We flat-out have more talent on this team. For us, JarrettJack and Carl Landry, Brandon Rush they give us a lot of options. You take aguy like Jarrett and he can play both the one and two and defend the one andtwo. It gives us more options.Question: Are you feeling more pressure to win thisseason?Jackson: At the end of the day, I dont put anymore pressure on myself than before. I want to win. If I was coming back andcoaching the same team, there would still be pressure. We have improved and Imoptimistic. We want to win. Thats my entire focus. And, in fairness, any coachin this league should feel pressure to win. Not just me.Question: On paper, it seems like four of the fivestarting positions are pretty much set. But is it fair to say the small forwardposition is wide open?STEINMETZ: Should Rush start at small forward?
Jackson: I would say yes. Thats fair. We haveplayers capable of playing that position depending on certain situations. Imgoing to do whats best for the team, collectively. At the start of camp, wellsee how it goes and make that decision. But Im going to make the best possibledecision for our basketball team. I want to win.