Jenkins knew another point guard was coming

July 12, 2012, 4:10 pm
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Programming Note: Insider Matt Steinmetz is in Las Vegas following the NBA Summer League. Stay logged on and tune into SportsNet Central as Matt files reports all week long with the latest on the Warriors.

LAS VEGAS -- It turned out to be Jarrett Jack.But it could have been Andre Miller, Kirk Hinrich, Jason Kiddor any number of other point guards.The Warriors went out and acquired a veteran backup forStephen Curry, something just about everyone figured they would do. Includingsecond-year point guard Charles Jenkins.No player on the Warriors roster is more affected by theacquisition of Jack acquired in a three-team deal with New Orleans that sentDorell Wright to Philly than Jenkins.Just like that, Jenkins went from being the backup pointguard to being the third-string point guard.My approach is going to be the same, Jenkins said after practicingwith the Warriors summer league team on Wednesday and learning about thetrade. In the NBA you dont know when your opportunities are going to come.But when they do, you have to make the most of them. So, Im going to keep thatapproach.Jenkins played in 51 of 66 games last year for the Warriors,including 28 starts. He averaged 5.8 points and 3.3 assists per game, and ledall rookies in assist-to-turnover ratio (2.83-to-1).Despite that, its clear the Warriors felt they needed moreexperience and know-how behind Curry, who played in only 26 games last yearafter numerous ankle tweaks.Last year I was used to being the main guy, Jenkins said. WithSteph coming back healthy, I might not have the same opportunity I had lastyear. So its about taking advantage of any opportunity to be a spark off thebench, coming in and getting a stop defensively or not playing at all and beinga great teammate.Jenkins said hes not upset that the Warriors acquired Jack.He said he knew the Warriors would bring another point guard into camp, he justdidnt know who.Not at all, Jenkins said when asked if he was bothered.Its more motivation for me. I just have to come in and work hard. In the NBA,things like this are going to happen. You have to prepare for it. The onlything I can do is work hard and compete to the best of my ability. The frontoffice will make their decisions, and my job is to continue to get into the gymearly, watch film and use the summer league and all my time on the practicecourt to get better.

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