Mark Jackson addresses broken playoff promise

April 13, 2012, 5:17 pm
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On the day he was hired in early June, Warriors coach MarkJackson promised the team would make the playoffs.After Wednesdays loss to Portland, it became official theWarriors wouldnt.On Thursday, Jackson addressed making that promise and aboutthe fact he wont be able to deliver on it. Heres what he said:Question: Do you regret the playoff promise, maybesetting bar too high?Mark Jackson: No. Not at all. Ill take the heat,the criticism that comes with it. But I came in here with a mindset of changingthe culture and were changing the culture. Theres going to be some toughspots and obviously it hasnt been the season weve wanted it to be but wereexcited about what the future holds. If I had to do it all over again Id comein talking the same mess.Question: Was the prediction about attitude or thestatement itself?Mark Jackson: I think it was a combination ofboth. I wouldnt have said it if I didnt believe it. But it also raised thebar across the board as far as our expectations. Itd be easy to come in andsay its going to be a long process and we need time to get it right.Thats not what I signed up for. But Im really excitedabout what lies ahead. But no regrets. Absolutely no regrets about adeclaration.Question: What do you think would have been thedifference had you made that playoff promise in New York City rather than theBay Area?Mark Jackson: I think it would have beendifferent had I made that promise in New York City and they were coming off ofsuccess. I think, in fairness, one time in 17 years in the playoffs (with GoldenState) in New York City, it probably would have been a pass. Id have gottenhammered. But it would have been a pass, understanding I came in talking big,bad and bold. (Jets coach) Rex Ryan promised a championship. Still no jewelryand hes survived.What does it really mean to take heat, though? Yourenot really taking heatMark Jackson: Im saying if that was the case Imfine with it. I wasnt saying I was taking heat for saying that (prediction). Ifthats the case, Im fine with it, Ill own it, Ill embrace it. But Ive saidwhat I believed and I think what were looking at is a process to get where wewant to get to. Im really pleased with whats in the locker room and what liesahead for us.Question: Do you think this team will make theplayoffs next season?Mark Jackson: Growing and maturing. No comment.

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