Mark Jackson talks all things Warriors

September 26, 2012, 10:01 pm
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Warriors coach Mark Jackson met with the media on Wednesdayin advance of training camp, which begins on Tuesday. Jackson addressed avariety of subjects.Here is some of what Jackson said:On feeling more pressure this year to win:Jackson: For me, whatever I do theres pressure.Theres always pressure on myself to be better and to be efficient. So I dont Pressure is my mindset. I dont care who Im coaching, the pressure is alwaysgoing to be to win. Certainly we have a better basketball team. I dont runfrom it; I embrace it.On who will start at small forward: HarrisonBarnes, Brandon Rush or Richard Jefferson:Jackson: I really dont know. Ultimately, I thinkyou roll the ball out there. You let those guys decide who starts. At the endof the day, its important it doesnt mean whos the best player, its whatmakes us better as a team. Ill make that decision going forward and watchingthem as a unit. But right now I dont have an answer for you who my startingsmall forward is.On whether the Warriors can still be a running teamwith David Lee at power forward and Andrew Bogut at center:Jackson: I would argue that David Lee is a greatrunner. I would say we have a great rebounder in (Andrew) Bogut and four guys who canrun above average for their position. I would say were better to run becausewere a better rebounding team. Each guy rebounds their position well.I would say running more and when you have the weapons thatwe have offensively, the best way to attack a defense is when theyre not set.Were not going to be a slow-down offensive team.On Andrew Boguts status:Jackson: Hopefully hes ready Day 1. He makes usa better basketball team. Without him, it hurts us. Having one of the top fivecenters certainly makes us better. Thats really not important (if Bogut isntready for the start of training camp Tuesday). In the big picture, we need himwhen were playing for real. If hes healthy come Tuesday, great. Hesworking out and hes doing all the strength and conditioning with the trainerand coaches as he can. Hes getting closer and closer.On the competition at backup center between AndrisBiedrins and Festus Ezeli:Jackson: We will let that play out in trainingcamp. Im impressed with Festus and what hes done since we drafted him. Hesbeen very good in the summer league, very good in workouts. Hes been here allsummer. He works his tail off and gotten better. Hes made a statement by beinghere. That hasnt gone unnoticed.I would certainly love to have Andrew Bogut in the startingfive but I feel comfortable with what Festus can do. Hell have to earn it, buthes done everything Ive asked him to do and he wants it. I dont have toguess whether hes committed to this thing, whether he buys in or whether hessaving some chips. Hes all in. Its good to see because thats what you buildwinning teams around guys that have that attitude.On whether hell be more creative with this yearsteam than he was with last years team:Jackson: I think when you look on the floor, theweapons we have, you dont really have to be creative. Those guys can score. Ifyou look at the great coaches or the great teams, theres nothing creativeabout throwing the ball to Michael Jordan on the foul line or Kobe on the wing Thats not creative. Thats just some bad boys getting it done when it mattersmost.It puts us in a better position because we certainly haveweapons and weve added depth. Now, coming off the bench, theres nodrop-off.We have guys at every position now that on any given nightcan outplay the best in the world. If Klay Thompson gets 25 points on Im notgoing to name anybody its not a shock. If Stephen Curry outplays the bestpoint guard in the world, its not a shock. Same thing with our center, powerforward and whoever our small forward is going to be. We can play with the bestin the world at every position.

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