Myers tamps down Warriors' free-agent expectations

July 2, 2012, 8:14 pm
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OAKLAND While theNBA is abuzz with free-agent activity, the Warriors have been mostly silent.And, according to general manager Bob Myers thats likely the way its going tostay.Myers told reporterson Monday after the team introduced three of their four picks from lastweeks NBA draft the Warriors dont figure to be landing any of the big namesin the next several weeks.STEINMETZ: So far, Warriors are on periphery of free agency
Teams may talk toand meet with players up until July 11, and on that day contracts officiallycan be signed.Were going to bediligent in our search, but I dont think were going to be as aggressive assome other teams in terms of spending, Myers said. We just dont have theresources. Were up against it right now.What the Warriorsare up against is the luxury tax. The Warriors are already over the salary cap,which means their best chance at landing a free agent would come by means ofthe mid-level exception, which is worth approximately 5 million.However, if theWarriors use all of their mid-level exception, they will venture into luxurytax territory and pay a heavy financial penalty. Its become clear, theyre notgoing that route.That the Warriorsarent willing to go into the luxury tax and use all the exception probablytakes them out of the running for several players, including Kirk Hinrich, RaymondFelton, Kris Humphries, Eresan Ilyasova, Carl Landry, Brandon Bass,Jason Kidd, etc.STEINMETZ: As free agency begins, 10 names for Warriors to consider
The salary cap forthe 2012-13 season is 58 million, and the luxury tax number is set at 70.3million. Myers said the Warriors are, in reality, 3 to 4 million under thetax threshold when you account for players on rookie deals, cap holds andexisting incentives on some players contracts.Myers said theWarriors are still looking to add veteran help, but it certainly wont behigh-priced veteran help.You get in early (to teams) in terms ofexpressing interest and if a contract fits your parameters you get in earlywith a contract, Myers said of the free agent process. But as you can see,Im here. I wasnt on a midnight flight to another city and its probablybecause agents arent meeting with teams that are cap restricted, like us,mostly.