NBA says it missed kicked-ball violation

January 21, 2012, 8:07 pm
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The NBA, on its official website, addressed the penultimateplay in Fridays Pacers-Warriors game, saying that the officials missed akicked ball violation against Pacers guard George Hill.In the final seconds of Fridays game, with the score tied91-91, Monta Ellis attempted a cross-over dribble and the ball struck the footof Hill, who then picked up the loose ball and drove to the other end of thecourt and completed a three-point play with 1.8 seconds remaining.
RECAP: Phantom kick ball dooms Dubs in 94-91 loss to Pacers
The NBA put out a statement on Saturday afternoon, saying:With 5.4 seconds remaining in the Indiana-Golden State gameon Jan. 20, Pacers guard George Hill intentionally kicked the ball away fromWarriors guard Monta Ellis during his cross over dribble. According to rule no.10, Section IV.b, kicking the ball or striking it with any part of the leg is aviolation when it is an intentional act. The officials missed the kicked ballviolation which should have resulted in a deadball situation and Golden Stateinbounding the ball on the sideline nearest the spot of the violation."

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