Oklahoma City '10 vs. Oakland '07

May 1, 2010, 4:55 pm
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NBA PAGEMatt Steinmetz
The Oklahoma City Thunder may have been eliminated Fridaynight by the Lakers, but its home crowd will live on as the best of the 2010NBA playoffs.Thunder fans have been the most vocal and passionate of thepostseason, and with most of its faithful clad in blue Lets Go Thundershirts, it made for a nice visual on television.But apparently, it was nothing compared with how OracleArena came across on television during the 2007 playoffs. At least according toWarriors fans.Now, I dont know how the noise level inside of the twoarenas compared, but according to Warriors fans, OKCs Blue-out had nothingon We Believe.Bottom line is Warriors fans apparently still believe thattheyre the best crowd in the NBA. In other words, dont get them started.During Fridays OKC-LAL Game 6, I wondered on Twitter howthe Thunder crowd of 2010 compared with the Warriors playoff crowd of 2007.Heres a sampling of what I got back: @blkdiemend: Not even close, that Yellow was so blindingand the crowd was just so much hungrier. GSW result of trouble, OKC cause ofit.@808Rude: Not even close! I was in the house for every homeplayoff game. They are using thunder sticks and prompts from the announcer.@EricEnglish1: we believe is WAY better...OKC is biting ourstyle. First they steal our mascot's name, now our t-shirts?@AczonAczoff: They look like seats and it looks like thearena is empty@GSWBALL: It doesnt@JRAM_91: OKC shirts just say "NBA Playoffs 2010"on them. Kinda lame IMO. At least we had a slogan. Yellow much more menacingtoo.@benmalone1908: Looks like empty seats. White would've beenbetter@sasanobr: doesn't compare. Yellow brighter and louder.Plus I like a "sea of gold" and "We Believe" more than"blue out"What's your take? Email Matt and let him know. He may use it in his weekly Mailbag.

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