Owners, players have met for 10-plus hours Tuesday

October 19, 2011, 12:50 am
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NBA owners and players have been meeting for more than 10hours today in a New York City hotel hoping to end a lockout that began on July1.Commissoner David Stern, deputy commissioner Adam Silver,union executive director Billy Hunter, union president Derek Fisher and otherswere joined by federal mediator George Cohen on Monday.The lingering lockout has caused Stern to cancel the firsttwo weeks of the regular season. Training camps, which were to start on Oct. 1,and the exhibition season already have been canceled.Stern indicated last week that if an agreement wasntreached by the end of today, the prospect of canceling games through Christmaswas a possibility.While 10-plus hour of negotiations would seem to be a goodsign on the surface, consider that last week the sides met for a 13-hour periodover two days and it yielded no progress.

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