Q&A with Stephen Curry

August 16, 2012, 9:52 pm
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Warriors point guard Stephen Curry is back in the Bay Area this week, working out at the teams downtown practice facility. Curry missed most of last season with an ankle injury, and the hope is that he can return to 100 percent for the 2012-13 season.

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After his 90-minute workout on Thursday, Curry sat down and talked with the media. Here are some excerpts of what he said:On how hes feeling:Curry: Im feeling great. I know Ive said it before but, being out since March, having surgery in April and my last two-and-a-half months of rehab, its been a good process and Im being patient with it. Right now, being able to doing a fullcourt workout and not having any soreness and tightness, its very optimistic where Im at. It can only get better because theres still five weeks till training camp.On whether theres anything he cant do right now:Curry: "Just playing five-on-five right now. Im just making sure when Im reacting, making cuts, especially on the defensive end that my ankle is responding in the right way. I know it will, but right now Im just taking each step. Ill probably give it a try (five-on-five) when guys come back before training camp."Training camp is a good time to get your rhythm back and get with the team, but I want to have some kind of playing time before I get into that situation. So, thats good for me, to go at least a week or two before (Oct. 3).On whether he has doubts hell be 100 percent by the start of the season:Curry: No, none at all. None at all. The whole point of having surgery when I did (April) and being patient with my rehab was so that on Oct.. 31 I wouldnt have restrictions or hesitancy about going out and playing. Thats whats going to happen.On the frustration of not knowing why he tweaked his ankle so much the past two years or whether he feels he knows why that happened:Curry: "I have a guess. It would be not giving it enough rest when I first started having the sprains, not giving it (enough time) when they were pretty serious sprains and trying to get back and play. That probably didnt bode well for longevity when it comes to going through a season. Like I said, with rehab youre trying to get it strong, trying to get your balance right. And during the season you dont have that much time. It might feel good, but the power and the strength and the balance isnt there to get you through those dynamic moments you have to do on the court. Thats probably why it started."Right now, my mindset is Im not worried about anything thats happened in the past. Weve taken every step to get myself in the right position coming into training camp this year. So Im not going to worry about why Ive had to endure a tough two years. Its just time to move forward.On what he thought of the Warriors offseason:Curry: They did a great job of getting some depth. The top to bottom of our roster looks good. We have veteran guys and young talent. Practices are going to be fun this year. We have depth at every position to really challenge each other in training camp. On paper were a playoff team so we have to figure out how to turn that into wins during the season and take advantage of the roster theyve put together.On what kind of style he thinks the Warriors will play this year: Curry: "I dont know. We still have some speed. Obviously without Monta (Ellis) its not as dynamic with that approach. But with (Andrew) Bogut and David Lee being such good passing big men and with myself, Klay Thompson and Jarrett coming in, well be able to space and work around Bogut and D.Lee in the post and attack the lanes."Were going to be a great shooting team. We dont want to fall in love with that, but we know well be able to do that well. We just have to have a balanced attack on feeding the post and using our size now that we have it."Defensively we have to keep working on on-ball defense and with the size we have, using our big men to anchor our defense down low. Weve got to keep them out of foul trouble and keep them on the floor.On where he sees the Warriors in the Western Conference playoff picture: Curry: Size-wise we match up with just about any team in the league. You dont have the questions of the small backcourt going into the season. I think we can be really good. If you look at the talent we have, there are guys who have established themselves in the league. I think we are a playoff team. Its easy to say that and you have to make it happen.Looking at the West its still tough. Some teams have shifted a little bit, but its still a tough conference to grab a playoff spot, but thats our goal, to figure out a way to get in there.

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