So far, Warriors are on periphery of free agency


So far, Warriors are on periphery of free agency

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The NBA free agencyperiod is 36 hours old, and already a lot has transpired. The Warriors,however, havent been involved in a lot of it. Because they are over the salarycap, the Warriors only have their mid-level exception worth approximately --5 million to spend.Thats not going tobe enough to put them in the running for any of the big boys. Still, theWarriors would like to get something done. Heres a quick thumbnail on whatsbeen going on with Golden State and some moves that have affectedthem.AndreMiller to re-sign with Nuggets: Few players in free agency made asmuch sense to the Warriors as Miller, one of the leagues most solid pointguards and a positive veteran influence.Those are two areaswhere the Warriors need help, but Miller wont be the guy. He is reportedlysigning a three-year, 9 million contract to stay in Denver. It seemed alongshot that the Warriors would be able to acquire Miller.Conventional wisdomheading into free agency was that Miller would likely receive an offer worthmore than 5 million.That Miller istaking 3 million per year to stay is a little bit surprising. It would seem tosuggest that either the Warriors didnt want to play Miller more than that peryear which they could have or that Miller had no interest in coming to theWarriors.Either way, not agreat sign.What aboutKirk Hinrich?: Point guard Kirk Hinrich, who played last season withthe Hawks, is drawing interest from more than a half-dozen teams and the Warriorsare one of them.Hinrich, likeMiller, makes sense for the Warriors for a number of reasons. He can play bothguard positions, can defend and possesses the veteran savvy the Warriors arelooking at.Hes been banged-upa little bit for the past three or four years, but if hes healthy he wouldgive the Warriors a backcourt toughness they desperately lack rightnow.Warriorsinterested in trading for Dwight Howard: There was a report over theweekend that the Warriors are still interested in trading for Dwight Howardeven though he has made it clear he has no interest in playing in Golden Statelong-term.Well, a pattern isdeveloping and its this: When a star player seems to be available, theWarriors are always mentioned as a possible partner. Its happened with ChrisPaul, its happened with Lamar Odom, with Brandon Roy, Pau Gasol and a fewothers.It seems apparentthe Warriors dont mind when theyre linked to these types of players becauseit gives the perception they are in the middle of all the action and have ashot at acquiring some of them. But until the Warriors land a player of thatstature, its natural for fans to be skeptical that they even can.The reality isHoward coming to the Warriors is beyond remote. He doesnt want to play here,and the Warriors dont have a realistic package to put together.Warriorsinvolved in talks with J.J. Hickson: This would seem to make sense.Hickson is a player the Warriors were interested in signing after the Kings hadwaived him late last season.The Warriors seemedpoised to sign Hickson at that time, but he was claimed off waivers by Portland then subsequently waived again.Hickson certainlymakes some sense for Golden State. But he wouldnt be the kind of upgrade manyfans were hoping for.Noextension for Curry: It was reported a few days ago that the Warriorsand Stephen Curry were unlikely to reach an agreement on a contract extension.But that was not a surprise.Late in the season,Curry and the Warriors both acknowledged that it was probable that both sideshold off on any kind of deal. Why? Well, because the Warriors need to be sureCurry is healthy before they make him a part of the long-term future, and Curryneeds to be healthy to receive the kind of contract he likely feels hedeserves.Charactercounts: After Thursdays draft, Warriors owner Joe Lacob and generalmanager Bob Myers talked extensively about the character of their top threepicks: Harrison Barnes, Festus Ezeli and Draymond Green.There seems to be apattern developing with the Warriors, and its that theyre targeting thesekinds of players.They traded StephenJackson for Richard Jefferson months ago, and even accepted an extra year onJeffersons deal. The reason was because the Warriors didnt want to bring avolatile veteran like Jackson onto their young team.While thats a toughstrategy to criticize, the logical extension is that theyre most likely notinterested in players such as Kenyon Martin, J.R. Smith, Reggie Evans orDelonte West.

After Spurs loss, Warriors concede it might take time to mesh defensively


After Spurs loss, Warriors concede it might take time to mesh defensively

OAKLAND – Zaza Pachulia saw the incriminating video, all of it. David West watched it, too, and saw the same thing.

JaVale McGee also took a look and, if nothing else, glimpsed that his brief appearance included a spectacular lowlight.

The Warriors on opening night stepped onto their home court and were assaulted by the Spurs. Most of the offensive punishment was inflicted upon the big men, from Pachulia to backups Anderson Varejao, West and McGee.

The Spurs exposed the center position, once occupied by a barrier that was Andrew Bogut, as a defensive weakness for the Warriors. The Warriors didn’t rebound and it was open season in the paint and on the pick-and-roll.

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The issues that surfaced in a 129-100 demolition were impossible to miss on video.

“The tape doesn’t lie,” coach Steve Kerr said.

“There were too many moments when we either weren’t communicating or were miscommunicating,” West said.

“The small details are the difference,” Pachulia said.

That defensive strategist Ron Adams neither sulked nor grumbled – both of which he is very capable of doing – suggests he also believes this area won’t be a source of game-to-game vulnerability over the course of the season.

“Ron was good,” Kerr said. “He was pragmatic and focused on the areas we can fix.”

The biggest problem has to do with unfamiliarity. Nearly half the roster has been turned over, and the four longest bodies – Kevin Durant, McGee, Pachulia and West – are new to the Warriors. Each looked lost at times Tuesday night.

“When you’ve got a group that’s used to playing a certain way, and now we’re trying to figure out new bodies and new people and new tendencies, it’s not going to happen overnight,” West said. “We recognize that.”

That’s the prevailing opinion of the Warriors on the day after they were taken apart by one of the few teams with the goods to do so, with LaMarcus Aldridge and Kawhi Leonard doing most of the damage.

While the Warriors are convinced the right pieces are in place but not always sure of where they fit, they conceded it might be a while before it meshes to the satisfaction of all.

“Our communication was poor, and it’s something we worked on in practice,” Kerr said. “And it’s going to come. This team the last two years has basically been ready to roll. When I came in as coach, I inherited the team that finished fourth defensively the year before. So we already had a great defense, from Day 1, and we ended up first in defense that year.

“We have a new defense now. It’s different personnel. And we’re going to have to grow with that.”

NBA issues warning to Andre Iguodala

NBA issues warning to Andre Iguodala

The Warriors lost their season opener on Tuesday night in blowout fashion.

And on Wednesday afternoon, Andre Iguodala received a notification from the NBA.

The league issued the Warriors' sixth man a warning for violating the league's anti-flopping rule.

The play in question came in the first half when Iguodala and Kawhi Leonard made contact on the wing.

According to rules, Iguodala will be fined $5,000 if he flops again, $10,000 for a third violation, $15,000 for a fourth and $30,000 on the fifth violation.

In 27 minutes against the Spurs, Iguodala registered two points, three assists, two rebounds, one steal and one turnover.

He committed three fouls and his -28 was the second worst on the team.