Steinmetz: Best guesses for return dates

December 2, 2010, 1:43 am
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When you've had as many injuries as the Warriors have had the past couple of years, you get used the to question: "When's So-and-So coming back?"That's one I've heard a lot frequently because David Lee had been out, and there are three other Warriors not playing.
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So, here's a quick update on the three injured players.Lou Amundson: He had the splint removed from his right hand a couple of weeks ago, and continues to do light shooting and conditioning work. He told the Contra Costa Times a week or so back that he was targeting Dec. 7 - his birthday - as his hopeful return.Ekpe Udoh: He has increased his activity in recent days to include playing one-one-one with contact, competitive drills and some live action. He originally tore ligaments in his left wrist in early July.Udoh's conditioning is pretty good and you figure the wrist injury itself must be fully healed if he's being allowed to bang. That would lead you to believe Udoh will shatter (in a good way) one of the original timetables for his return - which was six months and into January.
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But several things will factor into Udoh's return. For example, he has never even participated in an NBA practice and the last time he played competitively in practice or a game was last Spring.Udoh also has to learn the plays and better familiarize himself with the offense and defense. Sure, he can look at film and try to learn the X's and O's and even listen into practice, but until he gets out there and goes where he's supposed to go, there's going to be some lag time.Point is, only answer I can come up with regarding Udoh's return would be - almost certainly after Amundson but almost as certainly before the New Year.Brandan Wright: He's been diagnosed with a low back strain with an MRI indicating he's got disc inflammation and been out for almost two weeks now. Wright was at practice on Tuesday, but just watching.No timetable has been given for his return. A couple of days ago, Wright politely declined an interview request. I don't really know what to tell you about Wright - you know backs. RELATED: Reinforcements on their way
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