Steinmetz: Captain Jack helps his old team with awful shot

January 1, 2011, 11:15 pm
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Quick thoughts after the Warriors 96-95 win over Charlotte on Friday .First off, you cant say enough about how awful that 3-pointer byStephen Jackson was at the end of the game for the Bobcats. I mean you gotta be kidding me.Down one, at home, last shot of regulation and yourewalking into a contested 3-pointer like its late in the first quarter?It started as soon as Jackson caught the ball near midcourt when henonchalantly turned toward the bucket like he had all day to work with.
He had 8.5 seconds. Point is, Jackson ends up taking a 25-plus footerwith Dorell Wrights hand right in his face. Doink. Game over.As Twitter follower @MDP23 pointed out as bad or worse than FranciscoGarcias selfish 3-pointer for the Kings a little over a week ago thatended up hurting Sacramento.Anyway, I want the New Year to go out on a positive, so Im not thinking anymore about that shot by Jackson.--The Warriors had three field goals in the last five-and-a-half minutes, all by Monta Ellis.-- How much better are the Warriors going to be when they get AndrisBiedrins back? I have no idea. I mean, sure, hes going to rebound soin a real sense the Warriors will be better on the glass.But that doesnt necessarily mean more wins are coming. Fact of thematter is its difficult to gauge in a tangible way what Biedrinsreturn will do for the team.

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