Steinmetz: The Keith Smart Era Begins

September 29, 2010, 12:21 am
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The Warriors had their first practice under head coach Keith Smart on Tuesday, and nothing seemed to go out of the ordinary.Smart put his team through a two-hour morning workout, one thatincluded plenty of conditioning-type drills, according to Smart and theplayers. Most of the practice was closed to the media.The Warriors are looking at a week's worth of two-a-days, so Tuesday's evening session will include more actual basketball.If teams hold two practices in one day, one of those practices must benon-contact, according to the collective bargaining agreement.--A large contingent of media was in town just for Jeremy Lin, whom theWarriors signed this summer after he went undrafted out of Harvard.Lin, who is Taiwanese, enjoys wide support among the Asian community.When Smart was asked about the interest in Lin, Smart indicated whathe'd like is to see as much interest in the team, itself, the Warriors.--Rookie Ekpe Udoh, who recently had the cast removed from his leftwrist, was out on the court, although on an adjacent court. Udoh seemedto be trying to simulate what his teammates were doing in terms offull-court one-on-one drills, etc.--Stephen Curry was asked what he thought the biggest thing was that he learned playing in the FIBA World Championships. Curry's answer: "on-the-ball defense."

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