Steinmetz: Losing Streak Perspective, Lee Update

November 23, 2010, 7:41 am
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This is why it was amistake to make too much out of the Warriors' 6-2 start. Not because itwasn't a good start -- it was, favorable schedule or not.But you can't get excited about a 6-2 start for the simple reason thatan NBA season is too darned long and there are just so many things thatcan happen on the way to Game No. 82.But bear with me, Warriors fans -- don't get too down if the Warriorsslip to 7-10 or 8-11. It's very possible. After all, how are theWarriors going to win on the road without four of their big men whenthey couldn't win at home without four of their big men?The point is this - it's probably going to get worse for the Warriors before it can get better.--Warriors forward David Lee talked before the game about his elbowlaceration and infection, and some very anxious moments. Lee suffered abite wound when he inadvertently hit New York's Wilson Chandler with anelbow in the mouth on Nov. 10.Lee hopes to return in about a week."Doing a lot better," said Lee, who has missed the past six games. "It's just going to be a matter now of having the wound heal from whenthey did the surgeries. It's very, very scary to me. After that Bulls'game, it felt like I was more or less out of the woods. But howinfections work, until they found that right antibiotic they weregiving me strong stuff and nothing was helping""They were saying if we don't get this thing better soon, we're cuttingyour arm from here to here (mid-bicep to mid-forearm), filleting thewhole thing open. They were saying about cutting out your bicep muscle,your forearm muscle. We don't know what's going on; we don't know howquick it's progressing. So the fact that it could be limited to atwo-week situation or two-and-a-half week deal, is a real blessing."-- Lee had a funny line about the Warriors' 117-89 blowout loss to theLakers on Sunday, one he watched on television in the Bay Area."You know what? Last night, last night was a tough night," Lee said ofthe rout. "I kept hearing (the broadcasters) saying - "Oh, if they hadDavid Lee." I said: "If they had me, what? They held me to zeropoints down there last time."