Steinmetz: Not Buying into the Warriors' Nice Start

November 4, 2010, 3:49 pm
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Nov. 4, 2010
Matt Steinmetz

The possibility exists that at some point during the Warriors' 2010-11season, I'll acknowledge that they're better than I thought they weregoing to be. But that time is certainly not now.

I have the Warriors going 33-49 this season, and if they're a few winsbetter or a few losses worse, hey - close enough. Right now theWarriors are 3-1, and there's some palpable optimism wafting.

Nothing wrong with that. But you can never mention this NBA truismenough: It's a long season. The fact of the matter is sometimes thefirst few weeks of a season can play tricks on you.

So forgive me, but I'm going to be very deliberate when it comes tobelieving this Warriors team could be good. It's way, way too early.

If for no other reason, than a quick look back at some Warriors' history:

--Just a few years back, in 2007-08, the Warriors started the season0-6. Remember that? They ended up winning 48 games that season, morethan any other Warriors team since 1993-94.

--In 2005-06, Mike Montgomery's second season as coach, the Warriorsbegan the season 12-6. And, yes, were 3-1 just like this year's team.But 2005-06 turned into a 34-48 season.

--In 2002-03, Eric Musselman's first season as coach, the Warriorsstarted the season 2-8. By early March, Musselman had the Warriors at30-30 and in playoff contention.

--In 2001-02, the Warriors started 5-3 under Dave Cowens. He would befired by the New Year, and the Warriors limped home at 21-61 thatseason.

--In 1994-95, the Warriors went 7-1 to start the season, includingwinning their first five. That was the Webber holdout year. TheWarriors finished that year 26-56.

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