Steinmetz: Pursue Turkoglu

May 29, 2010, 2:31 am
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May 28, 2010
So every once in a while Iget asked what I would do if I were in charge of the Warriors.Sometimes people ask me what decisions I would make if I had that kindof control.Its always hard to answer because, even if you know a little bit aboutwhats being talked about among teams, you dont really know whatsgoing on. You never know the whole story and you never even hear aboutmost of it.So, its one thing to talk about trading Monta Ellis or Corey Maggette, its another to really know whats out there for them.But heres something I certainly would pursue. I just saw that HedoTurkoglu told a Turkish television station that he didnt want toreturn to Toronto. He signed a pretty big deal there last year as afree agent, but had a pretty mediocre season.Still, Id get on that immediately.Turkoglu had much more of an impact for the Magic than he did forToronto, and it no doubt had a lot to do with him not handling the ballas much and being far less of an offensive focus.Its about Chris Bosh or was and Jose Calderon when it comes tohandling the ball, and that left Turkoglu odd man out. And no, hedidnt exactly embrace not being the man.What Im getting around to is this: If I were the Warriors, Id get inon that. I would absolutely, positively reach out to see what theRaptors think about Turkoglu wanting out.If Im the Warriors, I would be open to listening about any playerexcept for Stephen Curry. Its not that I would never consider tradingCurry, its that if Im considering trying to acquire Turkoglu, Imgoing to want him to play alongside Curry.Then youve got two very competent playmakers and ball-handlers. Now,Turkoglus got a big contract four more years at about 43 million.But you know what? Thats not that much, and in all likelihood youreprobably going to have to give up an Andris Biedrins or Monta Ellis,both of whom make comparable money themselves.I think its wishful thinking to believe theres a deal there thatinvolves Maggette. Certainly, the Raptors will come asking aboutAnthony Randolph, and I wouldnt be averse to tossing his name around. Ditto for Kelenna Azubuike, Ronny Turiaf or Brandan Wright. Not that No. 3 has much value.Turkoglu is not a perfect player, but hes the kind of player who wouldbe a very nice fit on the Warriors. They do not have a player who canimpact a game in as many areas as Turkoglu.You put Turkoglu on the Warriors and hed immediately be the teams best all-around player.You ask me what I would do if I ran the Warriors, and thats certainlyone thing: Get on the horn with the Raptors and start pestering themabout Turkoglu.

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