Steinmetz: Reasons for Monta-for-Iguodala rumors

June 7, 2011, 5:59 pm
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Oh, and the middle of all this coaching madness comes a report that the Warriors and 76ers are talking about a Monta Ellis-for-Andre Iguodala swap.ESPN reported on Monday that both teams "have discussed" the trade possibility but that nothing is imminent. The report did not specify when the discussions took place.It is likely the Warriors and Philly talked trade during the season, particularly at the time of the trading deadline in February. It is unknown whether the talks have been revisited in recent days, though.
Ellis and Iguodala have been linked before -- and for a couple of legitimate reasons. One, their salaries match up, which means that no other players would need to be included in such a deal.Two, the Warriors would seem to be in need of Iguodala's defense and passing ability while the 76ers probably wouldn't mind a little more scoring.There's also little doubt that the Warriors bringing aboard Jerry West as an executive board member further fuels speculation. West is on record as saying he believes you have to make bold moves to be successful and the most obvious outcome of that would be to break up the backcourt of Ellis and Stephen Curry.With owner Joe Lacob showing he's not afraid to make bold moves, and with West in place to perhaps try to pull them off, expect plenty more Warriors' names to be out there when it comes to trade possibilities.