Steinmetz: Is Something Screwy in Warriorville?

November 6, 2010, 6:13 am
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You know what they say: Don't get into a grind-it-out game with the Golden State Warriors.OK, so that's not really what they say. But son of a gun if theWarriors, the uptempo, fast-paced, score-at-all-cost, defense-optionalWarriors didn't beat the Utah Jazz in an ugly one - 85-78 - at OracleArena on Friday nightThis was not your typical Warriors win. You see, the Warriors seldomwin when they shoot 37.6 percent from the floor. You've got to trust meon that one because I don't have the past five years of date in frontof me.And they don't win very often when they score 85 points. In fact, ithad been five years since the Warriors won a game scoring that fewpoints in a game."I was proud because we couldn't make a shot," Warriors coach KeithSmart said. "We could not make a shot and we were up one at halftime.Our defense was engaged. We took away the paint scorers on this team."The Warriors also didn't do a bad job with Utah point guard Deron Williams.Sure, Williams finished with 23 points, but the Warriors kept hisassists down (6) and forced him into eight turnovers.Golden State held the Jazz to 39.5 percent shooting from the field.Yes, these are all strange numbers if you're a Warriors fan. But thingsseem different."Now I can go help and I know somebody will help me, too," said AndrisBiedrins, who had 20 rebounds. "That was the main thing. I was gettingmad all the time because I always went to help and I was disappointedthat a lot of times guys didn't help me out. But David (Lee) is alwaysbehind me and he keeps talking, saying "don't worry about your man, Igot you.""And want more proof something is screwy in Warriorville? I asked DorellWright if the game reminded him of an Eastern Conference game."Definitely," Wright responded. "We made it so ugly. We were scrapping and keeping them to one shot."

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