Updated: Free agent guards for Warriors to consider

Updated: Free agent guards for Warriors to consider
July 9, 2012, 10:37 pm
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Free agency is well into its second week, and still hardly apeep from the Warriors. On Wednesday, players may begin officially signingcontracts with teams, but as of now its doubtful Golden State will have actionon that day.One by one, players are re-signing with their own teams,signing with different teams or agreeing to sign-and-trade deals. With more andmore players off the market, its time to update the Warriors free-agentlist.RELATED: Troubling signs for Warriors in free agency
If youre keeping score at home, this would be free-agent list3.0. In this list, were focusing on guards and guards only.It is unknown to what extent or if at all the Warriorspursued players such as Andre Miller, Jason Kidd and Kirk Hinrich. Maybe theykicked the tires, maybe they were close or maybe they never had achance.But you could make a case that each of those players wouldhave been a nice fit for the Warriors, as well as Brandon Roy and even ChaunceyBillups. Whats most disappointing is that each of those five players haveagreed to very reasonable, very cap-friendly contracts elsewhere.But if the Warriors couldnt find a way to acquire one ofthose backcourt players, lets go down the list a little further:D.J. Augustin: He is a restricted freeagent, which makes things a little more complicated. But the Bobcats needplayers, first and foremost, and so maybe theres a sign-and-trade deal to behad with Charlotte.Leandro Barbosa: Hes not a true pointguard, doesnt have size for a two guard and isnt the kind of defensive playerthe Warriors covet. But hes be a nice offensive weapon off the bench.Jerryd Bayless: The Raptors withdrewtheir qualifying offer to Bayless, meaning he is an unrestricted freeagent. He came into the NBA with plenty of expectations but has failed to liveup to them. Still, hes only 23 years old and still has some upside. Hedlikely get plenty of minutes with the Warriors, too.Marco Belinelli: The Warriors would probablywant more of a decision-maker than Belinelli, but he was still a sometimesstarter in New Orleans this past season. If hes coming off your bench which hewould do for Golden State that wouldnt be a bad thing.Aaron Brooks: The Suns withdrew theirqualifying offer to Brooks, meaning he is now an unrestricted free agent. Hesnot the defensive-minded point guard the Warriors would ideally like to have,but hed still be an upgrade off the bench for Golden State.Shannon Brown: Warriors general managerBob Myers and owner Joe Lacob have talked this offseason about trying toacquire athleticism and toughness. Brown could give the Warriors more of thosethings than a lot of other players still out there.Keyon Dooling: He fits the description ofcapable veteran and solid locker-room guy the Warriors are looking for.Hes also capable of pressuring opposing guards at the defensive end, whichwould make him a different kind of Warriors perimeter player.Ronnie Price: The Warriors wont win thepress conference if they sign Price. But come November, he could help,particularly on the defensive end. But heres the issue with Price andplayers like him. How significant of an upgrade are they over CharlesJenkins?Nate Robinson: At the end of 2011-12, itseemed like a longshot Robinson would return. Well, it still is, but its lessof one now. If theres one issue here its that Robinson is said to be seekinga multi-year deal.Ramon Sessions: With the Lakers set tobring in Steve Nash, they dont have much use for Sessions. The DallasMavericks are said to be knocking on Sessions door, but he would fit into whatthe Warriors need to do in the backcourt, too.

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