Warriors 2012-2013 outlook: Issue No. 5 -- Intangibles

August 16, 2012, 4:41 am
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The Warriors are thinking playoffs in 2012-13, and the reality is that they have every right to think that. On paper, their team is as talented and as deep as the Warriors team of 2007-08, when they followed up on We Believe with a 48-win season.The Warriors roster is more balanced than it has been in the recent past, and their coaching staff has had a year together. But if the Warriors are to make the postseason and break a five-year drought theyre going to have to overcome some challenges.Here are five of the biggest issues heading into the season for the Warriors:1) Andrew Boguts health2) Stephen Currys health3) Coach Mark Jackson4) Toughness
5) Intangibles: Unfortunately, there will be some things outside of the Warriors control, which will likely determine whether or not they can make the playoffs. There is a group of teams that the Warriors figure to compete with for one of the final playoff spots: Minnesota, Houston, Utah and Portland, for example.How good will the Blazers be? Well, that depends a great deal on how good rookie point guard Damian Lillard is. Can the Timberwolves make the playoffs in the post-Kevin Garnett era? That will depend largely on whether Kevin Love steps up his game and Brandon Roy can come back from injury.Utah seems to be a notch above the Warriors on paper, but then again the games are played on hardwood. As for the Rockets, they look like they will take a step back, but who knows? They still have a legitimate NBA roster.Can the Warriors get to the postseason on their own? Maybe. But with a little help, it becomes a lot more doable.