Warriors 2012-2013 outlook: Issue No.1 -- Bogut's health

August 14, 2012, 10:54 pm
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The Warriors are thinking playoffs in 2012-13, and the reality is that they have every right to think that. On paper, their team is as talented and as deep as the Warriors team of 2007-08, when they followed up on We Believe with a 48-win season.The Warriors roster is more balanced than it has been in the recent past, and their coaching staff has had a year together. But if the Warriors are to make the postseason and break a five-year drought theyre going to have to overcome some challenges.Here are five of the biggest issues heading into the season for the Warriors:1. Andrew Boguts health: Far and away, the single-biggest key to whether the Warriors will be successful in 2012-13 is the health of center Andrew Bogut. For the Warriors to break through and make the playoffs, Bogut must be both healthy and effective.Over the past four seasons, Bogut has played in just 182 of a possible 312 games or 58.3 percent. What the Warriors need most is for Bogut to put together a 70-plus game season. And Priority 1A is for Bogut to resemble the player he once was which was one of the better centers in the NBA.At his best, Bogut has the potential to be an impact player up front for the Warriors. He has the ability to rebound, block shots and score a little bit. He also has a solid understanding of the game and is one of the leagues best passing big men.Perhaps most important, the Warriors need Bogut to be healthy because they dont have anybody behind him capable of being counted on at this stage. Andris Biedrins is coming off back-to-back ineffectual seasons, and it seems like a stretch to expect anything positive out of him for long stretches.The Warriors are hoping rookie Festus Ezeli can help at the five-spot, but hes likely a ways away from contributing consistently. The reality is that if you take a good, hard look at the Warriors roster, its tough to see them staying competitive for the long haul if Bogut isnt around for just about all of it.

2) Stephen Curry's health (coming Tuesday night)
3) Coach Mark Jackson (coming Wednesday morning)
4) Toughness (coming Wednesday afternoon)
5) Intangibles (coming Wednesday evening)

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