Warriors 2012-2013 outlook: Issue No.2 -- Curry's health

August 15, 2012, 12:45 am
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The Warriors are thinking playoffs in 2012-13, and the reality is that they have every right to think that. On paper, their team is as talented and as deep as the Warriors team of 2007-08, when they followed up on We Believe with a 48-win season.The Warriors roster is more balanced than it has been in the recent past, and their coaching staff has had a year together. But if the Warriors are to make the postseason and break a five-year drought theyre going to have to overcome some challenges.Here are five of the biggest issues heading into the season for the Warriors:1) Andrew Bogut's health 2. Stephen Currys health: Currys ankle is also a big concern heading into the season. He played just 26 games a year ago, tweaking the ankle several times during the course of the season. In short, the Warriors need Curry healthy to be at their best.However, in truth, Currys health isnt as big of an issue as Boguts health, and the reason is this: The Warriors have a very competent backup point guard in Jarrett Jack. When Curry went down last year, the Warriors offense took a major hit as they missed one of their most potent weapons.Without Curry, the Warriors leaned heavily on Nate Robinson and Charles Jenkins. While both of those players had their moments, its pretty obvious that Jack will be a significant upgrade off the bench in the backcourt.Curry will step up his rehab and conditioning this week in Oakland, working out for four consecutive days at the teams downtown facility. It is the Warriors hope that Currys ankle problems are behind him and hes ready to put a complete season together.3) Coach Mark Jackson (coming Wednesday morning)
4) Toughness (coming Wednesday afternoon)
5) Intangibles (coming Wednesday evening)