Warriors' Bogut not talking timetable for return

Warriors' Bogut not talking timetable for return
October 27, 2012, 8:16 pm
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OAKLAND Will he or wont he?Thats the question for Warriors center Andrew Bogut. Willhe or wont he play in the teams season-opener on Oct. 31, against the Suns inPhoenix. And if he doesnt play on that night then when?Well, either Bogut doesnt know or he isnt telling, and bythe sound of things it seems to be the former.A week ago, Warriors general manager Bob Myers announcedthat Boguts fractured left ankle was progressing well, but that the team wasnot going to put a timetable on his return.At the start of training camp, Bogut said his goal was toplay in a preseason game or two and be ready for the opener. But Bogut missedall eight preseason games.Bogut has been cleared to participate in allbasketball-related activities by the surgeon, Dr. Richard Ferkel, who performedthe surgery on the ankle after Bogut injured in January.Still, though, Bogut has not yet felt comfortable enough toplay five-on-five full-court and he is still playing without any contact.Heres a transcript of an interview with Bogut done on Saturday afternoon afterGolden States practice.It seems like you have definitely done more in thepast three to five days. Is that fair to say?Bogut: Yeah, a little bit. Still, there are noannouncements planned (on when hell return). Ill get back when Im ready, soIm not going say anything as far as a chance Ill play or not a chance. Werestill on that original announcement.How frustrating is it that youre talking aboutthis injury most of the time and not playing?Bogut: Thats part of the business everyonewants to know. I was a big part of the trade. Obviously Monta (Ellis) is outthere and (Ekpe) Udoh is playing and Im not playing. So everyone is askingwhen Ill be ready. Fans are excited and people want to see what I can do outthere. I can understand it, but hearing it every day does get frustrating,especially when you make an announcement and say this is where were at.I know, its only natural for you media to see me doingsomething and then ask: Whats going on? But my mindset is sticking to thatannouncement and once Im literally an inch from playing, you guys will know.So, what are you able to do now and whatnot?Bogut: No contact yet. So all movement, halfcourtstuff. Im moving around prettywell and hopefully well step it up a little next week.So, where youre at right now is Bogut: Still on the announcement we made a weekago. Im not going to say much more than that. I dont want to come out and sayIm going to play and everything is feeling fine and then two days later I geta bit of swelling and I miss a practice.And then you guys are like Whats going on? And I alsodont want to say theres no chance Im going to be because you never know. Imjust going to leave it at that announcement, play it by ear and see how we go.How has the ankle been feeling the day afterworkouts?Bogut: Its been feeling very good and itsresponding well. Surprisingly I havent had a whole lot of swelling and tightnessissues. So, pretty positive but just have to keep doing it for a long period.

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