Warriors have some paring down to do with roster


Warriors have some paring down to do with roster

General manager BobMyers said on Monday that he doesnt foresee the Warriors being big players inthe free-agent market. He indicated the Warriors are unwilling to enter intothe luxury tax area, and so many players are outside the teams price range.The Warriors have 19players on their current roster, although not all of them are under contract. Certain players almost assuredly won't be back while others have a chance.Heres a look at where the Warriors stand. Keep in mind, the maximum number ofplayers a team can have under contract is 15.HarrisonBarnes: He looks to be the Warriors long-term answer at smallforward. The Warriors can keep Barnes under their control for up to fouryears.AndrisBiedrins: He has one more guaranteed year, and then Biedrins has anearly termination option for 2013-14. At this point, hard to see Biedrinswalking away from 9 million after next season.AndrewBogut: The Warriors have Bogut under contract for two more years.Bogut will make 13 million this season and 14 million in 2013-14.StephenCurry: Curry is eligible for an extension this summer, but both sidesagree that wont happen not until and unless Curry can put some games underhis belt. Still, Curry is under contract this season, and the Warriors canoffer him a qualifying offer at seasons end so hell become a restricted freeagent.FestusEzeli: At this point, Ezeli may very well be the first big man offthe bench. Hell compete for that job with Andris Biedrins and Jeremy Tyler atthis point.DraymondGreen: As a second-round player, Green might not get a guaranteedcontract. But even if his contract for 2012-13 isnt guaranteed, hes going totake up a roster spot.RichardJefferson: He is set to make 10-plus million in 2012-13, andJefferson has a player option for 2013-14 at 11-plus million. Tough to seeJefferson walking away from that kind of money.CharlesJenkins: Jenkins contract is not guaranteed for the upcoming season.But the Warriors like Jenkins, and hell be under contract come the start ofthe season.David Lee:He has four years and 57 million remaining on his deal. No otherWarriors player is under contract any longer or for any more money thanLee.BrandonRush: Rush is a restricted free agent, meaning the Warriors arewaiting for a team to come to him with an offer. If and when they do, theWarriors can match it and keep Rush if they want. The Warriors can also simplysign Rush to a contract this offseason. But the Warriors want to keephim.KlayThompson: Thompson, entering his second year, is penciled in as thestarting shooting guard. The Warriors have him under their control for up tothree more years.JeremyTyler: Tyler had a luke-warm rookie season, but his contract isguaranteed for 2012-13. Hell fight for minutes with Festus Ezeli andBiedrins.ChrisWright: With the drafting of Harrison Barnes and Draymond Green,Wrights future is cloudy, at best. He is not guaranteed for the upcomingseason.DorellWright: He is under contract for one year at very reasonable money.But with a glut at the small forward spot, Wright is being mentioned in tradetalks.OTHERSMickell Gladness:He chipped in late last year, but Gladness isnt expectedback.Ongjen Kuzmic:The Warriors' No. 52 selection in this years draft will remainoverseas for now and not occupy a roster spot.MikkiMoore: Moore is not expected to return unless, the Warriors get hitby the injury bug again down the road.DominicMcGuire: Its going to be tricky for the Warriors to re-sign McGuire.Theyre not playing with a lot of money, and McGuire could eventually drawinterest from a team needing a specialist.NateRobinson: Hes an unrestricted free agent and not likely toreturn.

Top 10 plays for Warriors All-Star starters Curry, Durant

Top 10 plays for Warriors All-Star starters Curry, Durant

Between the Warriors' two All-Star starters Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant, the team has been putting impressive highlights on tape every game.

Curry, making his fourth consecutive All-Star start, is averaging 24.6 points, 6.1 assists and 33.6 minutes. Durant, attending his eighth All-Star Game, is averaging 26.2 points and 8.6 rebounds on 34.4 minutes per game and a career-best .544 field-goal percentage.

Take a look at the Top 10 plays of the season so far from both Curry and Durant...

Zaza on All-Star vote spotlight: 'This is a special moment'

Zaza on All-Star vote spotlight: 'This is a special moment'

Zaza Pachulia was the People’s Choice. The Warriors center received 1,528,941 votes from fans eager to see him start in the NBA All-Star Game.

Pachulia in the final fan voting announced Thursday finished behind only teammate Kevin Durant among frontcourt players in the Western Conference. Zaza had more votes than Spurs star Kawhi Leonard (1,058,941) or Pelicans star Anthony Davis (974,802), both of whom will be starting for the West. 

With an extremely strong showing from voters in his native land, the Republic of Georgia, Pachulia finished precisely 613,068 votes ahead of Warriors teammate Draymond Green, who was an All-Star last season.

Yet Pachulia won’t join the All-Stars that flock to New Orleans from Feb. 16-19. The NBA prior to the season changed the voting procedure to ensure fans didn’t have complete control of the starting lineups.

Once the province of fan voting, the starting lineups are determined by a combination of fan voting (50 percent), player voting (25 percent) and media voting (25 percent). This way, a strong showing among fans hardly ensures a starting spot.

Some refer to this alteration as The Zaza Rule, as it was instituted Pachulia nearly made the team last season as a member of the Dallas Mavericks.

And Pachulia is OK with that. He made it clear weeks ago, when his numbers were dwarfing those of players who have made multiple All-Star appearances, the most important aspect of the voting was not how he finished but the incredible support of his fellow Georgians.

“It’s such an overwhelming situation,” Pachulia said a couple weeks ago. “You’re not talking about a couple of thousand (votes). There’s hundreds of thousands. And with such a small country like Georgia, there are only 3.5 million people. The whole country’s involved in it.”

Pachulia, in fact, saw the humor in the matter. He knows his stats don’t compare to those of the league’s elite big men. He knows there is no single element of his game that the average fan would find irresistible.

He even knows he doesn’t belong in the NBA’s showcase game, with many of the players destined for the Hall of Fame.

“It’s just happening. All I can do is just sit back and enjoy and be thankful -- be really thankful -- for all of this,” Pachulia said. “Because I’m telling you, like you can get as mad as you want, you can be as happy as you want, but you can’t buy this. This is a special moment and I really appreciate the support. And that’s what I care about.

“I don’t care about being an All-Star, the fame that comes with it, the recognition that comes with it. I care about the support and the love I’m getting.”

Believe him. He’d prefer to enjoy the time with his family even more than he would have enjoyed the game itself.