Warriors-Kings: What to watch for


Warriors-Kings: What to watch for

Warriors coach Mark Jackson is calling Saturdays matchupwith the Kings a big game, which is easy to snicker at. After all, theWarriors are 8-12 and the Kings are just 7-15.
STEINMETZ: Kings "big game" for Warriors
But the Warriors are going for their third consecutive win,which would be a season high. And Jackson believes the Warriors are turning thecorner with this team, saying that he believes they have gone through theirrough stretch.The Warriors are headed toward getting back to .500, Jacksonbelieves, and the game at Sacramento is one important step to getting there.Here are some things to watch for:
Thornton returns: Kings shooting guardMarcus Thornton is back after missing five games because of a strained leftquad. Thornton didnt play in the Kings 93-90 loss at Golden State on Tuesday,but he returned Thursday and scored 20 points in Sacramentos win overPortland.Thornton is an explosive scorer who had a career-high 42points against the Warriors last March in a game at Sacramento. Thorntonsreturn to the lineup Thursday meant rookie Jimmer Fredette earned his firstDNP-CD of his career.Thornton and Tyreke Evans arent the easiest backcourt forMonta Ellis and Stephen Curry to match up against.Bench play: The Warriors bench was mostresponsible for the win over Sacramento on Tuesday. Jackson stuck with hisbench for most of the fourth quarter, subbing only after Ekpe Udoh fouled outand for foul shooting in the last minute.The Warriors substitutes have been a big bright spot thisseason. But the fact of the matter is that the Warriors havent played a ton ofroad games. And if the Warriors are to make any kind of run this season, thebench is going to have to be there at Oracle and away from it.Jackson vs. Smart: Theres no gettingaround the coaching angle in this one. Sacramento coach Keith Smart was thecoach of the Warriors a season ago but wasnt retained despite winning 10more games than in the previous season. At the time, one of the things owner Joe Lacob said was thathe was looking for a coach with more experience than Smart. Instead, Lacobhired Jackson, who had never coached at any level before. Smart ended up getting the Kings job after Paul Westphal wasfired earlier this season. Road woes: The Warriors arent goinganywhere this season unless they figure out how to win on the road. Over thepast three seasons theyve gone 26-97 away from Oracle, and this season theyrejust 2-5. So far, the Warriors have played 13 home games and justseven on the road. In other words, unless the Warriors start winning at abetter rate away from Oakland, their chances of turning around the season arevery slim.

Kerr slams players for making 'mockery' of All-Star voting

Kerr slams players for making 'mockery' of All-Star voting

The players asked for a change. After fans almost made Zaza Pachulia an All-Star last season, the players wanted to be part of the voting process.

Then they didn't take it completely seriously.

Players like Brice Johnson, Khris Middleton and Mo Williams all received votes to start the All-Star Game despite not having played in an NBA game this season.

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr noticed and took exception to how the players voted.

After telling the media in Miami that he had already submitted his votes for the reserves, Kerr pivoted to his criticism of the players.

"I am very disappointed in the players though. I mean, they've asked for a vote and a lot of them just made a mockery of it. So I don't know what the point is. So, that was too bad but all in all, these things are always going to be debateable about who's starting and who gets named. There's always going to be worthy players left out of the starting lineup, left out of the roster entirely. It's the same thing every year and I don't know what the perfect answer is," Kerr said before Monday's game against the Heat.

Kerr was then asked to expand on why he thought the players made a mockery of the vote.

"I saw the list. I saw all the guys who got votes and I don't know. Are we allowed to vote for yourself? Yeah? So I don't know, are guys voting for themselves? I mean, there are 50 guys on there who had no business getting votes. So although A lot of people wrote in their buddies for the presidential vote as well, so maybe that's just their own way of making a statement, but I just, I think if you're going to give the players a vote I think they should take it seriously," Kerr said.


Ownership of Jazz transferred to Legacy Trust to keep team in Utah

Ownership of Jazz transferred to Legacy Trust to keep team in Utah

Since Larry Miller died back in 2009, there have been some around the league that thought the Jazz might eventually be sold out of the family, most likely to an owner looking to move them out of Utah. The Miller family has denied that vehemently, and there has been not even a step that direction, but it’s easier to kill Freddy Krueger than an NBA rumor.

Monday, the Miller family killed that rumor for good, taking an unprecedented step that will keep the Jazz in Utah for a long, long, time.

Gail Miller has transferred ownership of the Utah Jazz and Vivint Smart Home Arena into a Legacy Trust that will keep the Jazz in Utah for what she said would be “generations.”

“As a family, we have always considered the Utah Jazz a community asset and it has been our privilege to serve as stewards of this team for more than 30 years,” Miller said. “There have been many opportunities to sell and move the franchise, but from the day Larry and I purchased the Jazz our goal was to keep the team in Utah. The Legacy Trust will help to ensure this commitment is kept for generations to come.”

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