Warriors need more than Randolph up front

July 18, 2012, 1:54 am
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Free agent forward Anthony Randolph would like to return tothe Warriors, according to a report in the Bay Area News Group. The Warriorsdrafted Randolph with the No. 14 pick in 2008.He came into training camp his first season with enormousexpectations fueled in large part by then-coach Don Nelson but never cameclose to contributing on a consistent basis.He played two years and was included in the David Leesign-and-trade.Since the Warriors, Randolph has continued his undistinguishedcareer with the Knicks and Timberwolves. Now, according to reports, he wants tocome back to Golden State.Well, its tough to see that happening unless Randolph isone of two frontcourt signings of which, hell be the lesser name. Heres thereason: The Warriors need someone more consistent and more reliable thanRandolph. If you look at the roster, the most glaring hole at this point is thebackup power forward spot.They need to find a player to give Lee some support, andthat player has to be there night in and night out. Thats pretty much exactlywhat Randolph is not.Think about this one The most games Randolph has played ina season was 63 and that was his rookie year with the Warriors. Remember allthe consternation and discussion about whether Randolph should have beengetting more playing time back then?Randolphs career has not progressed the way many thought itwould. Some saw him as a dynamic kind of small forward, with the ability tohave a mismatch every game.Some predicted Randolph would be an all-star typeplayer.Instead, Randolph remains an enigma and a player who has yetto find his niche. It would be one thing for the Warriors to bring Randolphinto camp at low money and see what he might be able to contribute.It would be quite another if they sign Randolph to be Leesprimary backup.

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