For Warriors, not bad month to be without Bogut

For Warriors, not bad month to be without Bogut
November 29, 2012, 4:24 am
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OK, so its not great news that Warriors center Andrew Bogutsaid it could be one month, two months or three before he comes back and playsa game for the team.Want some good news?If ever there was a month not to have Bogut around, it wouldbe this month December.RELATED: Warriors' December schedule
Nobody is saying that the Warriors are as good with Bogut asthey are without Bogut, but there are a lot of games coming up that arewinnable whether he plays or not.In December, the Warriors have Orlando (twice), Detroit,Washington, New Orleans, Sacramento and Charlotte (twice).Of course, some of those are on the road, but nevertheless if you want to be a playoff team, then youre going to have to win your shareof those.Once the Warriors get into late December and January, theschedule gets a little tougher. But by that time, you figure Bogut will begetting there and closing in on a return. At least that is the hope.Right now the Warriors are 8-6 and right in the middle ofthings. Theyll be without Bogut for a little while, but theres no reason theycant hang around until he returns.

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