Warriors player review from Vegas

September 17, 2011, 1:04 am
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LAS VEGAS -- Some observations from two days of basketball involving 10 Warriors players:David Lee -- He looks to be in a little better shape now than he was at this time last year. Through two days of workouts, he still looks like the player he's always been.Monta Ellis -- He seems to be in very good shape, and in fact, played more pickup games than anyone in the gym on Friday morning. His jumper looks a little rusty, but he's still got a shot off anytime he wanted.
Klay Thompson -- No doubt, Thompson has deep range, and he seems pretty heady, too. After watching Thompson drain a long 3-pointer on Thursday night, Stephen Curry turned to an observer and said: "That kid is going to be good."RELATED: Monta, Warriors hold court in Las Vegas
Jeremy Tyler -- Tyler struggled a little bit against the likes of Louis Amundson and Ekpe Udoh, which shouldn't be unexpected for a rookie, and a very young rookie at that. At times Tyler struggled to keep up with the pace of the game.Charles Jenkins -- Jenkins has an extremely strong body and appears to have pretty solid overall game. He doesn't shoot the 3-pointer as well as the mid-range shot, and he's going to need to figure out how to be more clever finishing at the rim. Either that, or he's going to need to develop an in-between game.Stephen Curry -- His jump shot still looks as good as it ever did. Curry played about three or four games on Friday morning, and didn't seem to be bothered by the right ankle, which he had surgery on in May. He also appears to have gotten a touch, bigger, stronger.Lou Amundson -- He looked better during the past two days than he did at any time last season. He's done a nice job of protecting the rim and not allowing easy buckets. Clearly Amundson is healthier than he was at any point during last season after dealing with separate back and finger injuries.Dorell Wright -- He spent a lot of time handling the ball and trying to create for teammates, something he didn't do a whole lot of last year. It seems as though Wright's game continues to evolve and he's no longer simply a spot-up shooter.Jeremy Lin -- He's always going to play hard, which he certainly did on Thursday and Friday, and he seems to have tweaked his jump shot a little bit -- for the better. But you can see a battle brewing for a roster spot involving Lin and Jenkins.Ekpe Udoh -- Udoh's face-up game looks much better than last season. A year ago, as a rookie, Udoh was hesitant to take his open 17-footer above the foul line, but not anymore. Udoh still considers himself a defense-first type of player, but he should be a tad more efficient on offense this season.