What free agents are out there for Warriors?


What free agents are out there for Warriors?

If youre an NBA fan you know that much of the NBA communityis in Chicago, getting a look-see at some potential draftees. The Warriors havethe No. 7 pick in the June 28 draft, and theyre looking for that player tobolster what looks like a core of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, David Lee andAndrew Bogut.

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But shortly after the draft, free agency begins, and thatwill be another place where the Warriors hope to add a player. The Warriorswould seem to be in the market for a point guard and a big man to come off thebench.RELATED: Matt Steinmetz's NBA mock draft 1.0
General manager Bob Myers has made it clear he would like toadd some experience to that aforementioned core one that has just fiveplayoff games among them.The Warriors, who will be over the salary cap, will haveapproximately 5 million to spend with their mid-level exception. That wontget them a star, but it could be enough to add a nice player, and someone whocould help you if youre thinking playoffs in 2012-13.Here is a look at some smalls and bigs who might makesome sense for the Warriors in the free-agent market:SMALLSRaymond Felton: He didnt have the greatest ofyears as the starter in Portland, but he looks a lot better if hes coming offthe bench. Would he be willing to do that? The other thing is that with Currybeing a little undersized, it wouldnt hurt to have a backup with size behindhim. Felton seems like a reach.

Steve Nash: There no doubt that bringingin a quality person and player like Nash would upgrade your team. But heslikely to command more than the mid-level, and youve got to figure if heleaves Phoenix, hes going for the whole shebang to win a ring. Still, itsat least nice to think a little bit about Nash setting up Curry.

Kirk Hinrich: Hes not the most efficientoffensive player as his outside shot can be unreliable. But you wont find atougher perimeter defender on this list, and the Warriors could always use oneof them. Can they get Hinrich for 5 million to start and does he want to comehere? Those are the questions. But Hinrich would be a real solid pro coming off the bench,and he would give them additional size at a place the Warriors needit.

Jason Kidd: You would be foolish to notwant Jason Kidd on your team. And if Kidd would be willing to come back homefor his final year or two, it would be a great story. But it makes sense forKidd to stay in Dallas even if Deron Williams ends up there.

Andre Miller: He is 36 years old, and yethe has missed just one game in the past five seasons. He played 27 minutes agame for Denver in 2011-12, was effective, and averaged almost seven assistsper game. Hes got size, so he could slide to shooting guard and defend them.He complements both Curry and Thompson. But hes already indicated he wants toreturn to the Nuggets.

Chauncey Billups: He is not expected tobe ready by the start of the season, but hed be a nice presence in the lockerroom and then on the court once he returned.Others: Leandro Barbosa, Goran Dragic,Randy Foye, Delonte West, Jason Terry.BIGSKris Humphries: He would be a terrific third bigman for the Warriors can score a little some and a good rebounder. Not tomention, hes got athleticism, which is something the Warriors could use moreof. But hes almost certainly going to get more than 5 million.Ersan Ilyasova: There are some intriguingaspects to Ilyasovas game, but its tough to see the Bucks who just tradedsize in Andrew Bogut letting him go.Antawn Jamison: Conventional wisdom isthat the Warriors have enough scorers and they need more defenders andrebounders. Those arent exactly Jamisons calling cards, but he is a bona-fideprofessional and if youre talking about someone who could come in off thebench and give you something, Jamison can certainly do that at the offensiveend.

Carl Landry: A year or two ago, theWarriors would have loved to have a player such as Landry. But his star hasfallen a little bit, and he seems to be flattening.

Ian Mahinmi: His role has been growing inrecent years, and he averaged 18 minutes per game for Dallas this past season.He would seem to be gettable, but because the Warriors are paying AndrisBiedrins 9 million over the next two years, its tough to see them throwinganother few million at a third center.Kenyon Martin: You might not like Martin,but thats exactly why you want him on your team. Hes tough anddefensive-minded and his mentality and demeanor alone would be unique on theWarriors roster. Others: Kwame Brown, Nazr Mohammed,Reggie Evans, Louis Amundson, Jordan Hill, Greg Oden.

After visiting sick grandfather, Thompson will start vs Thunder

After visiting sick grandfather, Thompson will start vs Thunder

OAKLAND -- Arriving at Oakland International Airport roughly two hours before tipoff Wednesday night, Klay Thompson hustled over to Oracle Arena and will be in the starting lineup for the Warriors against the Oklahoma City.

Thompson missed the team’s morning shootaround because he was visiting his gravely ill maternal grandfather in Portland, source told CSNBayArea.com.

Initially listed as missing the game, Thompson reached out to Warriors general manager Bob Myers late Wednesday morning and indicated he might make it back to Oakland in time for the game.

Thompson is the team’s third leading scorer, averaging 21.4 points per game.

His availability is particularly significant, as he’ll be the primary defender on Thunder star Russell Westbrook, who is averaging triple-double numbers this season.

Stojakovic won't be surprised if Curry, Klay finish Top 2 in career 3s

Stojakovic won't be surprised if Curry, Klay finish Top 2 in career 3s

SACRAMENTO -- The NBA game is changing. League records are in jeopardy all over the place, but it’s hard to imagine a bigger statistical shift than that of the 3-point shot. Instituted to start the 1979-80 season, the 3-pointer isn’t just a gimmick, as first thought. It’s the lifeblood of a league that is growing at an incredible pace.

The ability to make the long distance shot used to be a rarity, now it is a prerequisite to enter the league. Even centers like DeMarcus Cousins and Marc Gasol are letting it fly as the game shifts to the perimeter.

The leaderboard is being rewritten and it’s will likely continue to change as more and more players are lining up from behind the arc.

Sacramento Kings executive Peja Stojakovic knows this fact all too well. Out of the league just six years, the Serbian-born sharpshooter has seen his place in the standings diminished almost every season.

“Every decade, every 10-15 years, there is some new, great player that comes in that take the game to a different place we haven’t seen before,” Stojakovic told CSN California earlier this week. “That’s what’s so special about this game.”

When he retired following the 2010-11 season, Stojakovic ranked fourth all-time in made 3-point shots with 1760, trailing only Ray Allen, Reggie Miller and Jason Kidd.

Since leaving the game, Jason Terry, Paul Pierce, Vince Carter, Jamal Crawford, Kyle Korver, Joe Johnson, Chauncey Billups, Kobe Bryant and Rashard Lewis have all passed him, leaving Stojakovic in 13th place on the list, but only for another game or two.

Golden State Warriors star point guard Stephen Curry is hot on Stojakovic’ tail, trailing the 3-time All-Star by just 11 makes coming into Wednesday night’s matchup with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Be it Wednesday or sometime late in the week, Curry will almost assuredly surpass the former Kings star.

“Records are meant to be broken,” Stojakovic said. “Steph is definitely a guy, that if he continues to shoot - him and Klay (Thompson), if they continue to stay on the same pace, they can climb all the way to one and two.”

Curry, 28, has led the league four straight seasons in makes, setting new standards multiple times. His 402 triples last season is an NBA record and he holds three of the top four spots all-time for 3-balls in a single season.

Thompson is right behind Curry in most seasons. His 276 makes during 2015-16 is the third most in a single season and he is on pace to hit over 250 shots from deep this year. Through five-plus seasons in the league, Thompson has hit 1182 3-pointers and at age 26, he has plenty more left in him.  

“Our league in general has shifted,” Stojakovic said. “It’s more of a guard’s league and the pace is different. A lot of teams are shooting a lot of threes and Golden State - it suits them pretty well with the personnel they have.”

Both Curry and Thompson are a long way from tracking down Allen’s top spot of 2973, although Curry can get there quickly if he continues to drop in 400-plus bombs a season.

Injuries could play a role in where each of these players end up career-wise, but they are well on their way to shattering the record books.

“They are young enough and the way the league is going, I think if they stay healthy, they can really climb up there all the way to the top,” Stojakovic said.