Will Warriors target Andre Miller in free agency?


Will Warriors target Andre Miller in free agency?

Well, next up, freeagency.Thats right. Evenwith the draft barely in the rearview window, the start of free agency comesthis weekend. Late Sunday night to be exact.The Warriors arent going to be majorplayers because theyre over the salary cap, but they will have their mid-levelexception to use worth approximately 5 million.That wont get you astar, but it could get you a really nice player: Like point guard Andre Miller,maybe.RELATED: Andre Miller career stats 2012 game logs Splits News
In the coming day ortwo Ill be putting out the complete free-agent list and obviously over theensuing days well talk about which guys are realistic or not for GoldenState.But for now, just aquick hit on Miller. Im not convinced hed come here for the mid-level, so ifyou really, really want him hed most likely have to agree to a sign-and-tradefrom Denver. And we dont know about any of that yet.We also dont knowhe might feel about possibly coming off the bench, though, in all likelihood,minutes wouldnt be a problem for him because hed be a lock to getplenty.But from abasketball perspective hed be perfect. Miller would serve an abundance ofpurposes for the Warriors, and all of them would be good.First off, hed begreat insurance for Stephen Curry, who is coming off an injury-riddled 2011-12.With questions about Currys ankle heading into the season, it would be huge tohave someone as reliable as Miller behind him.Second, he can playboth guard spots, and hes a better defender than either Curry or Thompson.Guards dont post Miller up. Hes too big, too strong and too smart. Or letsput it this way you cant do it to him consistently. Not even close.On the other end, hedgive the Warriors a legitimate low-post option from the guard position. Hesthe player who goes down to the low post to exploit matchups. And hes a betterpasser than either Curry or Thompson.What Miller doesntdo so well is knock down perimeter jumpers on a consistent basis, though hesnot awful. You know what? Thats fine because youve got Curry and Thompsonwith him and they can both shoot the heck out of it.There are plentymore positives to Miller, but Im just getting conversation started here. Theone knock on him would be his age: Hes 36.Two which I say: Who cares? Id still offer him a four-year contract and yes Imean that. Miller is one of the most durable players in league history. Hesonly missed one game in the past five years alone.Conventional wisdom is that because Miller, who isnt overly athletic, playsclose to the ground, he doesnt get hurt as often. Or how about almost ever:Six missed games over 13 years, for crying out loud.Point is, for a teamthat says injuries ruined their 2011-12 season, an iron man like Miller in thefold for 2012-13 would make sense.

Zaza on All-Star vote spotlight: 'This is a special moment'

Zaza on All-Star vote spotlight: 'This is a special moment'

Zaza Pachulia was the People’s Choice. The Warriors center received 1,528,941 votes from fans eager to see him start in the NBA All-Star Game.

Pachulia in the final fan voting announced Thursday finished behind only teammate Kevin Durant among frontcourt players in the Western Conference. Zaza had more votes than Spurs star Kawhi Leonard (1,058,941) or Pelicans star Anthony Davis (974,802), both of whom will be starting for the West. 

With an extremely strong showing from voters in his native land, the Republic of Georgia, Pachulia finished precisely 613,068 votes ahead of Warriors teammate Draymond Green, who was an All-Star last season.

Yet Pachulia won’t join the All-Stars that flock to New Orleans from Feb. 16-19. The NBA prior to the season changed the voting procedure to ensure fans didn’t have complete control of the starting lineups.

Once the province of fan voting, the starting lineups are determined by a combination of fan voting (50 percent), player voting (25 percent) and media voting (25 percent). This way, a strong showing among fans hardly ensures a starting spot.

Some refer to this alteration as The Zaza Rule, as it was instituted Pachulia nearly made the team last season as a member of the Dallas Mavericks.

And Pachulia is OK with that. He made it clear weeks ago, when his numbers were dwarfing those of players who have made multiple All-Star appearances, the most important aspect of the voting was not how he finished but the incredible support of his fellow Georgians.

“It’s such an overwhelming situation,” Pachulia said a couple weeks ago. “You’re not talking about a couple of thousand (votes). There’s hundreds of thousands. And with such a small country like Georgia, there are only 3.5 million people. The whole country’s involved in it.”

Pachulia, in fact, saw the humor in the matter. He knows his stats don’t compare to those of the league’s elite big men. He knows there is no single element of his game that the average fan would find irresistible.

He even knows he doesn’t belong in the NBA’s showcase game, with many of the players destined for the Hall of Fame.

“It’s just happening. All I can do is just sit back and enjoy and be thankful -- be really thankful -- for all of this,” Pachulia said. “Because I’m telling you, like you can get as mad as you want, you can be as happy as you want, but you can’t buy this. This is a special moment and I really appreciate the support. And that’s what I care about.

“I don’t care about being an All-Star, the fame that comes with it, the recognition that comes with it. I care about the support and the love I’m getting.”

Believe him. He’d prefer to enjoy the time with his family even more than he would have enjoyed the game itself.

Steph Curry, Kevin Durant named starters in 2017 All-Star Game

Steph Curry, Kevin Durant named starters in 2017 All-Star Game

Warriors guard Stephen Curry has been voted to start the NBA All-Star Game for the fourth consecutive season, and this time there was a measure of suspense.

Curry will join Rockets guard James Harden in the backcourt for the Western Conference squad, as voters snubbed MVP candidate and triple-double specialist Russell Westbrook of Oklahoma City.

Joining Curry and Harden in the starting lineup for the West will be Warriors forward Kevin Durant, Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard and Pelicans forward/center Anthony Davis.

A combination of fan balloting (50 percent), player balloting (25 percent) and media balloting (25 percent) comprises the overall vote.

Curry’s selection is sure to generate considerable debate, as Westbrook leads the league in scoring (30.6 points per game), is second in assists and 11th (10.4) in rebounding (10.6). Westbrook also leads the league in PER at 29.56.

Moreover, he is bidding to become the first player since Oscar Robertson in 1961-62 to average a triple-double over the course of a full season.

Coming off back-to-back MVP seasons, Curry ranks 12th in scoring (24.6 points per game), 15th in assists (6.1), second in 3-pointers made (158) and eighth in steals (1.81). His 92.6-percent shooting from the line ranks second in the NBA.

He is the first Warrior since Wilt Chamberlain to start four straight All-Star games.

Durant, in his first season with the Warriors, leads the team in scoring (26.2) and blocks (1.71) and double-doubles (16). He’s second in rebounding (8.6) and third in assists (4.7). His 54.4-percent shooting from the field is 10th in the league and tops among perimeter players.

Durant will be making his eighth appearance, and his fifth as a starter.

The Eastern Conference starters are as follows: guards Kyrie Irving of the Cavaliers and DeMar DeRozan of the Raptors, with frontcourt players LeBron James of the Cavs, Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Bucks and Jimmy Butler of the Bulls.

All-Star reserves, which are chosen by NBA coaches, will be announced on Jan. 26.