Wright trying to fight through shooting slump

March 8, 2012, 11:52 pm
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OAKLAND Warriors small forward Dorell Wright finds himselfhaving that classic basketball players problem.Hes in a shooting slump and needs playing time to come outof it. But because hes in a shooting slump, hes not getting much playingtime.So what to do?
With the type of style I play, being a rhythm shooter,being a spot-up shooter, Ive got to make the most of my opportunities, Wrightsaid after Thursdays practice. Which is crazy to say now after the season Ihad last year. But it is what it is and Ive got to do whatever Ive got todo.The thing Wright needs to do most of all is to start makingshots. He had a breakout season in 2010-11, knocking down 194 3-point shots more than he had made in his entire career up to that point.He averaged 16.4 points per game in Keith Smarts uptempooffense. But under coach Mark Jackson, the team isnt running as much andWright isnt getting the shots he once did. Let alone the playingtime.Wright shot 37.6 percent from beyond the arc last season,but this season hes down to 34.5 percent. His overall field goal percentagehas gone from 42.3 percent last year to 39.7 percent this year.Not surprisingly his minutes and attempts are way down thisyear.Everything is not going to fall, Wright said. Only thingI can do is continue to work on my shot when we have time off and before thegame. I shoot a lot of jumpers. Its not like I dont shoot.Last year it was a little easier to hide because I wasgetting a lot more shots. I was shooting a lot more 3s. When youre notshooting as many times, you can really notice it. Now, its like Ive got tomake this shot to stay out here.Wrights playing time has taken a hit this season, butJackson didnt buy into the theory that Wright has a shorter leash than anyoneelse on the team.When youre a team thats underachieving, everybody shouldbe on a (short) rope, Jackson said. And understand that its not going tocontinue the way it is.Wright is currently in the middle of a nine-game shootingslump. Hes made just 17-of-64 shots from the field over that time (26.5percent) and is only 10-of-40 from 3-point range during that span.After Wednesdays loss to the Memphis Grizzlies, Wright wasshort with reporters and obviously frustrated by his season-low 10 minutes inthe game. He made it clear Jackson wasnt the subject of hisdisappointment.STEINMETZ: Frustration beginning to show with Warriors
I was (mad) because I felt good and I was ready to play andit didnt go the way I wanted it to go, Wright said. Im never going to bemad at anybody. Its about me. Its a team sport and Ive got to do my job.