W's Riley and Magic GM meet -- talk trade?

January 13, 2012, 1:51 am
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OAKLAND -- The odds of the Warriors landing Orlando center Dwight Howard in a trade are beyond long. But that doesnt meanGolden State isnt going to try to make something happen -- even if the attempt provesfutile.Warriors general manager Larry Riley and Orlando Magicgeneral manager Otis Smith met on Thursday afternoon over lunch in downtownOakland, and there is little doubt the names of Howard and Stephen Curry cameup.Riley confirmed the lunch before the Warriors-Magic game onThursday night, and said its not unusual for him to meet with or grab a biteto eat with executives from other teams.I have a few commitments before the game and I wasnt sureId get to talk to him for more than two or three minutes, Riley said. So, Ifigured this would be a way to have a longer conversation.
According to a report by Yahoo! Sports last week, theWarriors have emerged as aggressive suitors for Howard, who has asked to betraded. The reality is it is unlikely that the Warriors could put together apackage that land them Howard.The best chip the Warriors have in any potential trade talksinvolving Howard is point guard Stephen Curry. But Curry has been plagued byankle issues this season, and there is uncertainty about his long-termfuture.It is highly unlikely that Smith -- or an NBA generalmanager, for that matter -- would trade for Curry until and unless there isresolution on that ankle.

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