Arm strength? What about Manning's arm strength?

September 26, 2012, 9:05 pm
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ALAMEDA -- With Peyton Manning starting out 1-2 and compiling a passer rating of 85.6 with five touchdowns and three interceptions, many critics are starting to question the Denver quarterback's arm strength.Especially after missing all of last year recovering from his third neck surgery.In a conference call with Bay Area reporters, Manning was asked to analyze his play thus far, with the Raiders coming to Denver this weekend."Well, I mean I have our coaches analysis (and) that kind of is between us, the players and the coaches, and we have things that were working on, and things that were trying to correct and things were trying to improve on," Manning said. "So Im not really into giving an after-three-game analysis, or sharing that publicly anyway."We have a process that we go through after each game, studying the things that we did wrong, trying to build on some of the things that were doing well. But certainly were looking for just improved play in a lot of places overall as a team in order to try to win a game. Thats really what our focus is at this point."Got it? Yeah, me neither.So Broncos coach John Fox was asked about a purported lack of arm strength in his quarterback. Fox huffed, laughingly."The people," Fox said, "that look at the tape and study it would think it's semi-comical."