Campbell to start for Raiders against Chargers

December 1, 2010, 11:08 pm
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ALAMEDA -And now, for the latest Semantics Dance emanating from Silver andBlackdom.Recently re-installed starting quarterback JasonCampbell, who has won the job backbecause of BruceGradkowski's re-injured right shoulder, insists he hasnot been benched this season. Well, at least not benched threetimes.
The way he sees it, it's only been once - at halftime of theRaiders' home opener against St. Louis.
"ThePittsburgh game, I was notbenched," Campbellclaimed. "I was taken out for reasons of being hit a lot and differentthings."OK, then, what about this past weekend, when Gradkowski started againstMiamidespite coach Tom Cable saying after the Steelers loss you would remainundercenter?"I expected to come back the next week weekend and start, but like Isay,the situation came up where they felt like Bruce was healthy," Campbellsaid. "Andcoach said he's a man of his word and that's what he's goingto stick by. I wasn't benched not playing the Miami game, but justbecause (Cable) wassticking by what he had said."Got it? Good. Then that makes at least one of us.
GUTIERREZ: Confusing QB Carousel Because even while Cable said after the Dolphins loss and then againMondaythat Gradkowski's re-injured shoulder would probably keep him out thisweek, and then rumors surfaced he could be lost for the season,Gradkowski wason the field Wednesday.Granted, he was not practicing, but he was not prepping forseason-endingsurgery, either.In fact, Gradkowski had acknowledged earlier in the day the MRI takenMondayrevealed the same Grade-3 shoulder separation he suffered on Oct.10.
"I'm just trying to get right," he said.
RELATED: Gradkowski: 'Don't count the season out' And Campbell istrying to get comfortable - again."You don't like to see anyone get hurt in this game," Campbell said. "Itgoes beyond the game. But here I am again, up here, another opportunityto goout here and play. Another opportunity to go fight and win a game.That'swhat you have to keep your focus on.The bonus for Campbell, of course, is that hedoes not feel as though he has to look over his shoulder after everybad playSunday in San Diego."It's just a situation you have to deal with," he said. "Any quarterback doesn't want to be in a situation like that, butat the same time, you can't mope or complain about anything like that.You have to go out there and execute the offense and do it to the bestof yourability."Cable was asked, point blank, mind you, if Campbell was the starterthis weekend in SanDiego (no doubt he will be asked again Thursday and Friday)."He is," Cable said.Then is Gradkowski healthy enough to be the No. 3 quarterback, behindCampbelland KyleBoller?"We'll see about that," Cable said. "He is sore, noworse for wear in terms of damage from before. But if he took anothershot - we'll have to see how this goes.In other words, get your semantics dancing shoeson.What's your take? EmailPaul and let him know. He may use it in hisMailbag.