Can Raiders traverse Revis Island?

September 24, 2011, 8:58 pm
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ALAMEDA -- Darrelle Revis is a three-time Pro Bowler and a two-time first-team All-Pro. He has his own nickname, Revis Island, and is, obviously, one of the most feared cornerbacks in the NFL.So what makes the New York Jets defensive playmaker so good?"He's a tremendously gifted athlete, No. 1," said Raiders offensive coordinator Al Saunders. "In this league, those who are very gifted are usually the ones that are very successful if they put in the time and effort and energy to know what they're able to do and have great technique, and hes a great technique player. Oftentimes you get defensive backs on the corner that can do some things. Theres very little that he has shown he cannot do."He covers well up the field, he gets out of breaks really well, he closes the cushion well, he's got speed. He's a tremendous football player."Even if a relative lack of statistics belies that fact. Because while he did not have an interception last season, his burn rate of 33.9 percent (19 completions on the 56 passes thrown his way) was the best in the NFL. Buffalo's Terrence McGee was second at 38.1 percent (eight of 21), followed by the 39.4 percent of the Raiders' Stanford Routt
(39-99) and Nnamdi Asomugha (13-33).Practicing against Asomugha last season might have prepared Raiders quarterback Jason Campbell for Revis this weekend."The difference between him and Nnamdi is Nnamdi is a taller corner," Campbell said. "But the way both of them play the ball is very similar, their break on the ball, their anticipation of routes. Sometimes they break into a route before the route even develops. That just comes from studying and game-planning during the week. Its a challenge."He plays the ball very well in the air. Just like a lot of great corners, you see a guy stick his nose in there in the run game, that's something he does. He doesn't shy away from it. You know, he has a tremendous talent, and those guys don't come around very often. He's one of them."In the Jets' record-setting 38-0 blowout of the Raiders two seasons ago, Revis picked off JaMarcus Russell in the end zone late in the first quarter. The Jets only led 14-0 at the time.But this is a different Raiders team. Russell is long gone."They've got a lot of fast guys in the offense, and it's very productive," Revis said. "We believe over here that they're an explosive offense and they can hurt you in a lot of ways."The same can be said of Revis.