Did Jackson's guessing game with media affect his QBs?

October 24, 2011, 3:07 am
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OAKLAND -- So let's get this straight.Despite all the subterfuge and cloak and dagger mind games emanating from Hue Jackson this week, the Raiders rookie coach said he knew all along who he would start at quarterback against Kansas City.All that talk about having a massage and then an Irish Coffee (or was it an Irish Coffee and then a massage?) before sitting down to figure it out on Friday night? Not true. Exactly.Because while Jackson knew he would start Kyle Boller, rather than the newly-acquired Carson Palmer, he kept everyone guessing, including, apparently, the two signal callers in question.Jackson did not tell Boller until Saturday he would get the call.Yes, these are professional athletes who should be ready at a moment's notice. But they are also humans, who would probably like to know their role early on so they can set their mind to the task at hand, no?Well, according to Jackson, the quarterbacks should have known their assignments simply based on the week's work load.To quote Jackson himself when asked when exactly he told Boller. Say what?"The uncertainty did not lead to anything," Jackson insisted, the wreckage of the Raiders' 28-0 embarrassment still smoldering in the background."You guys are going to write what you want, (but) trust me when I tell you, there was no uncertainty that led to thisuncertainty at quarterback is not what leads to interceptions or anything like that. When you play bad, that's what leads to that. When you coach bad, that's what leads to that, OK?"OK, but the uncertainty could not have helped. Especially not when the quarterbacks themselves still seemed shaky on the whole timeline thing. There's preparation that has to be taken into consideration, yes?Palmer said the plan was for him to not play; Jackson said he hoped to have Palmer close out the game in the fourth quarter, to "get his feet wet."Jackson said he had to hold Palmer back because he wanted to start; Palmer was not as definitive."I only know like three or four protections," Palmer said. "That makes it difficult. But really, just reps with personnel. Just timing and rhythm."More weirdness, Palmer said Sunday was the first time he had thrown a football while wearing shoulder pads since January."It's not a bye week for me," he added, "that's for sure."Palmer had a 17.3 passer rating after getting picked off three times, including a 59-yard Pick-Six. Boller's was 22.3, after getting picked off three times, including a 58-yard Pick-Six. Not even JaMarcus Russell threw three interceptions in a single half.No, this was not QB Masterpiece Theater. It was more a Theater of the Absurd QB, with Jackson pulling the strings of mad "gamesmanship," as he put it, to keep the Chiefs guessing. Palmer termed it "being deceptive."Kansas City shrugged it off. And laughed it off."We knew that they had a quarterback controversy," said safety Kendrick Lewis, who took Boller's first pass to the house. "And we studied film and studied their routes."According to ESPN, it was the first time in franchise history the Raiders were intercepted six times and did not throw a touchdown pass.Boller, meanwhile, was licking his wounds."I'm just extremely frustrated," he said. "I had an opportunity to go out there. It just didn't go as planned. Definitely not my best outing. I feel bad for my teammates. I feel like I let my teammates down. There's not much to say. The play speaks for itself."As does Jackson's guessing game with not only the media, but with his quarterbacks.