Genesis of a 64-yard touchdown run

September 24, 2012, 5:38 pm
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OAKLAND -- As Carson Palmer settled under center for the Raiders' fourth snap of the game, after three passes, he sensed a blitz coming from the left side. The Raiders had planned on going that way."So Carson says, 'Hey, let's run it right,'" recalled center Stefen Wisniewski. "We run it right, we seal off the blitz on the left and it's six points."The Raiders scoring on a 64-yard Darren McFadden touchdown run represented more than their first points in Sunday's 34-31 defeat of Pittsburgh.The play meant more than Oakland's run game finally breaking a long one and McFadden showing his open-field skills in juking safety Ryan Mundy out of his jockstrap and outrunning cornerback Keenan Lewis, who had the angle, to the right pylon, though that was huge for all involved."Oh, that was exciting," Wisniewski said. "We knew he was capable of that. All year it hasn't happened. First time, we get him up clean to the safety, he makes the safety miss (and) as soon as he made the safety miss, I was like, He's scoring. No one's catching that guy.RELATED: Run DMC walks this way, runs the other to 113 yards
"That's a great feeling as an O-lineman to see him running for a long touchdown."Indeed, the genesis of the score also showed Palmer's ability to improvise at the line, and garner confidence from his teammates.Even as McFadden thought the call was the original play sent in. That's how big the hole, created between Wisniewski and left guard Cooper Carlisle, was and how tuned in Palmer was to make the audible."He's awesome," Wisniewski said. "It's a huge advantage because we know he's going to put us in the right play."Palmer, though, was quick to divvy out credit to offensive coordinator Greg Knapp, saying the Raiders were in a "no-huddle series" during the possession."Coach Knapp had coached us up on what to get to versus certain fronts, certain coverages, certain pressures," Palmer said. "And we got them in the right pressure that Coach Knapp had talked about all week and Darren, the offensive line obviously opened up a nice hole, but Darren did the rest."