Go ahead, use PalmersFault to explain Raiders' loss

November 8, 2012, 12:00 am
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ALAMEDA -- Yes, Carson Palmer is on Twitter.But no, the Raiders quarterback does not stay active on it, and thus, he was not aware Wednesday of the hashtag that was gaining traction in supporting him against the wave of criticism that's been cresting since Sunday's 42-32 loss to Tampa Bay.PalmersFault was being used in a sarcastic sense, a back-handed slap to critics who blamed Palmer for the defeat because of his three interceptions, mostly the second pick that came with the Raiders trailing by three points and at their own 38-yard line. Because really, without Palmer, who passed for 414 yards and four TDs, the Raiders would not have been in any position to even mount a comeback after being down by 18 points in the fourth quarter. And, of course, the Raiders defense did give up 278 yards rushing to the Buccaneers, 515 yards overall."You can keep blaming me," he told CSNCalifornia.com with a smile. "I'm a big boy."It's funnyto an extent," he said with a laugh. "Nah, I understand it."Fourteen Tweets using PalmersFault, including one from a former Raider..."The reason I went into retirement. PalmersFault Lol!" -- @napoleonkaufman
"Lebron's hairline? PalmersFault" -- @gmanraiderfan93"Nothing good on TV right now Palmersfault" -- @NBell3"Was late for work because I couldn't find my damn keys. PalmersFault" -- @RaiderSparky"Ran out of milk for cereal PalmersFault" -- @Raiderpedia"I'm going bald PalmersFault" -- @RaiderRuiz"If Mitt Romney wins the election PalmersFault" -- @ChrisHoerz"Global Warming PalmersFault" -- @miguelg21"just got told I can't vote. No ID PalmersFault" -- @R8rBlood"unemployment rate PalmersFault" -- @LARaiderDodger"Whoever loses the election it will clearly be Carson Palmers fault." -- @Oklandraida84"BarackObama: Four more years. Palmersfault." -- @BYS1981"I got pulled over for speeding. Told the cop it was PalmersFault" -- @RaiderSparky"What? no peanuts for my sundaemcdonaldssaid it's PalmersFault" - @RaiderFan323