Gutierrez: Pryor starts slow in Oakland

August 26, 2011, 9:52 pm
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Aug. 26, 2011


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Paul Gutierrez

NAPA -- First impressions of Terrelle Pryor on his first practice with the Raiders?

He's big, but not shockingly so.

He's quick, but not mind-blowing fast.

His accuracy, well, let's get to that later.

But my goodness, does he look young in the face.

And any questions about his standing as a developmental quarterback were answered...with aplomb.

Pryor took 16 snaps as the Raiders' fourth-string quarterback. He completed four of nine passes, fumbled twice and either handed off or pitched the ball on five plays.

His passes were a collection of wounded ducks, wobbly spirals and getting-tighter spirals.

He threw behind receivers in the flat and his longest completion down field was a badly-underthrown ball down the right sideline. Luckily for him, Chad Jackson adjusted on the fly and Stanford Routt fell down so Jackson caught the ball.

"(My) problem is that now I'm 17, 18 days, practices behind right now," Pryor acknowledged afterwards. "I'm just playing catchup right now. Some of the stuff is getting there and I'm starting to get familiar with some of the stuff. But it's been one day.

"Give me a couple of days and I should be able to fill it in and feel a lot more comfortable."

And in case there's still any question as to what position Pryor figures to play in the NFL, at least at the start of his pro career, just listen to coach Hue Jackson.

"I think the guy is big, athletic," Jackson said. "I think he can throw it. He looks like a quarterback, feels like a quarterback, sounds like a quarterback and I'm very excited to work with him."

Oh yeah, Jackson was a quarterback in college, too.

Pryor fumbled two of his first six snaps from third-string center Alex Parsons.

"The biggest thing was I had to get the cadence down," Pryor said. "I was learning the cadence. At first, coach was playing around with me, saying he was going to embarrass me and stuff like that. I had fun. I'm learning and I like the way coach makes his quarterbacks learn."

Pryor did not embarrass himself on the day the Raiders broke camp. He just established a baseline from which to work.