How will artificial turf affect Raiders?

October 13, 2012, 9:32 pm
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For the first time this regular season, Oakland will be playing indoors and on artificial turf. So do the Raiders gameplan differently for the fake stuff?"Not really, from our side," said Raiders offensive coordinator Greg Knapp. "But from my experiences, I'll tell you this -- (Atlanta's) front four is typical of most teams that are turf teams. They do play at a faster level on turf than they do on grass, so you have to account for that when it comes to protection issues."But as far as our side of the ball, our guys are so used to playing on turf from their high school, college and pro careers, you don't change a whole lot from that standpoint."Coach Dennis Allen agreed."Well, what you have to understand is the team that were playing, obviously, on that turf, in that dome, is a different team," Allen said. "They play extremely fast in that environment. So, weve got to be prepared for that and weve got to be able to match their intensity."Said running back Darren McFadden: "It's not that much of a difference to me because at school I always practiced on turf every day, pretty much. So, a lot of guys say it bothers them but for me it's not much of a difference. Feel like the turf, some folks say it's slower, some folks say it's fast, but I feel like it may be faster."