An intense Allen agrees with Davis

November 19, 2012, 11:16 pm
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ALAMEDA -- How would you react if your boss came down for the first time in your first year on the job and gave a scathing, albeit, truthful review of your product regressing?Dennis Allen, some 20 hours later, did not blink. In fact, the Raiders' rookie head coach agreed with Mark Davis' assessment. In fact, you could say Allen seemed more intense in front of the media than at any other time during his nascent tenure in Oakland. Especially after Sunday's 38-17 loss to New Orleans meant the Raiders had lost their last three games by a combined 135-69.RATTO: Davis powerless to stop Raiders' 'mudslide'
The 135 points surrendered is the fourth-most given up by any team in a three-game stretch since the 1970 merger, the most by the Raiders in such a stretch."Hey, I'm right there with him," Allen said in his weekly media conference Monday. "I'm frustrated. I'm disappointed. You know, you wake up this morning and your gut hurts. But, at the same time, when a man gets knocked down and man gets up and fights. And that's exactly what we intend to do. I understand his frustration; I can appreciate that. And let me tell you, there's nobody that's going to work any harder to get it corrected than I will."Perhaps it's not only that that Raiders are 3-7 that has the fan base restless, but perhaps how bad they've looked of late in getting to 3-7. Meaning Allen's statements might be taken as so much lip service, at least until Oakland starts winning games, right?Cincinnati, Carson Palmer's first team and the current employer of former Raiders coach Hue Jackson, awaits."When you lose, it hurts. Rips your gut out," Allen said. "But a win turns everything around. A win makes everybody feel a lot better. And that's what we need to do. We need to come together as a football team and we need to all make a decision that we're going to do whatever it takes to win football games."Its on everybody individually. The term is corfing, which is to deflect yourself away from things when things begin to go badly. Thats the thing that you have to fight as much as anything else. We got to internalize it and determine, what can we do as individuals to make it better? And we all got to pull the rope in the same direction."RELATED: Davis -- 'I'm embarrassed and I take full responsibility'
So does Allen have anything to draw upon from his days as an NFL assistant?"We were 5-11 with the Atlanta Falcons back in 2003," Allen said. "Dan Reeves was the head coach. So I've been through this before. It's not my first rodeo going through this. Obviously it is as a head football coach, but there are people such as Dan Reeves that I can call for advice on how to handle different situations."Yes, Allen called Reeves earlier in the season."Listen, theres not a magic formula," Allen said. "It really comes down to our mindset and our ability to focus in and do our jobs, not just during the game. Its everything. Its how we go about with our meeting process, how we go about with our practice process. Those are the little things that you have to do on a daily basis which get you the results that youre looking for on game day."