Jarvis Moss on former Florida teammate Tebow

November 4, 2011, 9:58 pm
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ALAMEDA -- Keep in mind, Jarvis Moss was not outright disrespecting Tim Tebow, ala the Detroit Lions last weekend. After all, Moss and Tebow played together collegiately at Florida.But it was interesting how Moss, one of the more outspoken and prolific Tweeters in the Raiders locker room, measured his words when asked about the Mile-High Messiah (Thank you, Ann Killion) on Friday.Moss, on if he had respect for Tebow's game: "Yeah, at college I did."Moss, on if he could see Tebow doing things that could cause the Raiders problems on Sunday: "Yeah, like I said, he can use his legs, definitely. He's a good athlete, man. He's a strong dude. he can definitely hurt you with his legs."Well then, what about with his arm?Silence. Twelve seconds of awkward silence, with a nervous twitch here and there.And then: "Uh, I don't want to answer that question because I really want toNever mind. I can't answer that question."Indeed, Moss had answered just enough.Earlier, though, Moss was more expansive on his Tebow thoughts."Well, the type of guy he is, you know he's going to try to extend plays with his feet because he can run well," Moss said. "So, you just always got to be conscious that you don't want a guy like Tebow to keep moving the chains on you with his athleticism."Another thing is, he might hold on to the ball a little bit. (Kyle) Orton's a guy who's been back there in the pocket throwing it around for quite some time, and he's respectable doing it. I just don't see really see Tim (doing that)."

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