Kelly on fans and home

September 22, 2012, 8:07 pm
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ALAMEDA -- Tommy Kelly hears you fans, really he does. And he feels and, well, shares your pain in the Raiders' lackluster 0-2 start in general, the defense's meltdown in Miami last week in particular.But the loquacious defensive tackle has two bigger critics who keep it more real, and they live under the same roof as Kelly -- his sons, ages seven and four. They gave it to Kelly after the Dolphins' Reggie Bush went off against Oakland in the South Florida heat and humidity."Daddy, why'd you let that man run all over the field," they asked him.Kelly said they stood there with their arms outstretched, waiting for an answer."I was standing like that, too," said Kelly, who had four tackles against Miami, including one for a loss."Let me tell you what they did to me all this week. They were playing the video game, and they play with the Raiders every game, and after every game they come in and say 'Daddy, y'all beat the Broncos, Daddy. Y'all beat the Steelers.' I was like, Let Daddy worry about the football. Yall worry about school.'"RELATED: Raiders to miss trio of Steelers stalwarts Sunday
Kelly let loose with a deep-throated laugh."They tried to pep me up," he said. "I appreciate it, though. Theyre trying to win the game for me. Im like, 'Goll-lly, we doin' that bad? I appreciate it, though."Kelly, whose eight tackles in two games is tied for the team lead among defensive linemen with Matt Shaughnessy, also appreciates the fans', ahem, right to speak out, so to speak."Fans, man, I love them because they support us, but at the end of the day, if we're losing, they're going to hate it and they're going to voice their opinion," Kelly said. "If we win, they're going to love it and they're going to voice their opinion. So you just let them voice their opinion and go on about your business."As well as get the reality check from a pair of mini-me's.