Kelly on Nicks' injury: 'I like our chances regardless'

November 3, 2012, 1:01 am
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ALAMEDA -- Yes, the Raiders seem to be getting a break, so to speak, with Tampa Bay losing All-Pro left guard Carl Nicks to a season-ending injury to a toe on his left foot this week.Just don't expect the Raiders to jump for joy in their locker room"Well, I mean, you really dont want to see anyone get hurt because I remember Ive been in that situation where your season is over," Oakland defensive tackle Tommy Kelly said Friday. "You set out all those goals for yourself and now your season is gone, especially to something like a toe. I went through toe problems myself. Still have them. So I understand what hes going through."The 6-feet-5, 349-pound Nicks was acquired by the Buccaneers this offseason as a high-profile free agent after he played his first four NFL seasons in New Orleans and was expected to anchor the offensive line. Through seven games, Tampa Bay was ranked 15th in the NFL in rushing, averaging 110 yards per game on the ground, and Nicks was playing through pain.So yeah, there's a compassionate side to Kelly's feelings. But there's also a competitor."You know, you always want to play against the best," Kelly said. "You dont want anybody to have an excuse why you beat them because their guy is outyou want to play against them. I know big Rich (Seymour) was looking forward to going against him."But wouldn't Nicks being out increase the Raiders' odds for a win?"I like our chances regardless," Kelly said. "It makes it a little more easier with him not in there but you always want to go against the best."Nicks is still listed as the starting left guard on the Buccaneers' depth chart place and no one is listed behind him. Not that Kelly knewor cared who would replace Nicks."Naw, it really dont matter," Kelly said. "To me it aint about what theyre doing. Its like, if we just keep honing in on the defense, it isnt about what anybody else is doing."