At least the Raiders got out of it healthy, right?

August 31, 2012, 6:28 am
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SEATTLE -- So what, if anything, do the Raiders' glean from a 21-3 beatdown administered by Seattle in what is supposed to be a meaningless fourth exhibition game?"We got out of it healthy," said quarterback Carson Palmer, who played all of six snaps and handed the ball off every time."Obviously you want to win when you're on the field but we got through it and now our mind is on the San Diego Chargers."True, but first things first. With the starters essentially sitting this one out, and their injured sextet of Sebastian Janikowski, Jacoby Ford, Denarius Moore, Aaron Curry, Stefen Wisniewski and Richard Seymour not even making the trip, the manner in which their backups were dominated should be cause for alarm.Because injuries are inherent to the game and the drop-off from the Raiders starters (when healthy) to their backups (no matter their health) is stunning. Or did you not see the Seahawks pick apart Oakland?Consider this: Seattle out-gained the Raiders in total yardage, 334-101, and had almost five times as many first downs, 24-5.And yet, those numbers may be somewhat of a mirage."It's hard to tell," Palmer said. "A third of the guys playing tonight won't make the team. A lot of guys were struggling and it looked bad. But it was important that the second-team guys got reps and experience doing the things they need to do in the real games."Still, the manner in which the Raiders' second-team offensive line crumbled was astonishing. Neither Matt Leinart, who was 3-of-11 passing and sacked once, nor Terrelle Pryor, who was sacked twice, had much time to set their feet, let alone go through reads and throw down field.Pryor was at a loss for words when asked what he could glean from the game."To see if I had the right footwork," Pryor said after a lengthy pause.Did he?Pryor paused again, unable to answer the question after completing six-of-nine passes for 55 yards."The second-half team, we've got to play better than that," he said. "The thing is, we can't clean it up, because now it starts for real."Can the Raiders, who went 1-3 in the preseason while getting outscored by a cumulative 75-61, suddenly find its rhythm in the next 10 days before the season opener on Monday Night Football at 6 p.m. PT on Friday after some of the excess is cut with rosters being pared from 75 players to 53?
"We didn't play good, so I see that as significant," said coach Dennis Allen. "It was obvious by our execution tonight that we aren't ready for prime-time."At least, not the backups and the guys who won't be on the team Friday night. This we know for sure from this exhibition finale.