McFadden hit welcomes Burris to the NFL

August 2, 2012, 1:36 am
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NAPA -- It was Miles Burris' Welcome-to-the-NFL moment. On the first day of padded practices.In a seven-on-seven drill, the rookie linebacker spied Darren McFadden catching a swing pass in the right flat and accelerating toward him. The rookie made a rookie mistake."I was a little tentative," Burris admitted, "Do I hit (No.) 20 or not? How does this go?"It went like this -- McFadden sped up, dropped his shoulder and ran right at Burris and, after a brutal collision, ran through him and continued up field.RELATED: Paul GutierrezRaiders chat transcript (8.2.12)
"But, yeah, hes a load," Burris said with a laugh. "Hes a good player and were lucky to have him on the team."Hes a specimen."Burris, drafted in the fourth round out of San Diego State, is known for his high-energy motor and never-give-up-on-a-play attitude on the field. He has also been getting first-team defense reps at weakside linebacker with Aaron Curry out nursing a knee injury.RELATED: VIDEO -- Meet Raiders rookie Miles Burris
The rising intensity of his first NFL training camp is also noticeable to Burris."Yeah, it was a little different today with the pads on, seeing everything, adjusting to shifts and just being mentally there, as well," he said. "It was a little tough but its getting there and Im getting better every day. Thats what Im trying to focus on. Thats what coach (Dennis) Allen harps on all the time."(Practice) moves pretty much at the same speed, but theres the whole physicality factor and everything, the guys are a lot bigger, they hit harder. Theres going to be some adjusting to do for me, and Im happy to do it. Im just happy to be getting reps at this point."Those reps have been paramount."Yeah, its a great thing thats bringing me along a lot quicker than it would otherwise, me getting all the reps that I have been," Burris said. "Curry will be back soonso, its been a great deal so far, but I've got a lot of mistakes to shore up being a rookie and just try not to make the same mistake twice."Call it Burris' Welcome-to-the-NFL moment No. 2.